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Hints and Tips When Making a Big Move

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By : Sonia Smith    99 or more times read
Moving is a big decision that require a careful evaluation of the options available for you. Furthermore, you should be able to plan ahead of time. Moving requires that you spend money, time and effort to see this task through.

Below are several tips when making a big move:

  1. Begin by determining what items around your home you should bring along with you, what items you have to throw away, what to give to charity and what items that you could put up in a garage sale.

  2. You have to decide if you will hire a professional moving company or you could rent a truck and do the moving yourself with the help of your neighbors, relatives and friends. When hiring a moving company, there are a lot of considerations to take. You should be able to check out and compare rates with at least three different companies. Find out their policies, rules and other do’s and don’ts. Make sure to make your reservations at least a month or three weeks ahead.

  3. You will need boxes for packing all your stuff. If you could look for used boxes, so much the better so you need not spend money buying them. Ask your relatives, friends and neighbors if they can spare you used boxes to use. You could check out the local supermarket for big boxes they throw out daily and talk to the manager of any staff if they could give some. Many stores have no more uses for these boxes so you could probably get several from them. If you hire a moving company, you could buy these boxes from them at a discount.

  4. Proceed to pack items and put them in their designated boxes. All fragile and breakable items should be carefully wrapped in Styrofoam or cloth so they will not break when transporting. After packing, label each boxes according to the items inside and which part of the house they belong. For instance, put all kitchen items in a single box and label it as kitchen items. Use masking and packaging tapes to seal the boxes well.

  5. Get a smaller box for storing all immediate items such as bottled water, spoons, forks, tissues, instant coffee, coffee maker, paper plates, disposable cups and many others. You are going to need these items when you reach your new residence and storing them together will let you find them easily and you do not have to look around some boxes to look for them.

  6. If you hire a moving company, make sure that you make it clear to them where you want your big items like the beds, appliances and furniture to be put in your new home. This way, they will not have to wait for you to arrive in your new home to ask where they should put this and that stuff.

While moving or relocating is an exhausting task, it could still be achieved with ease as long as you are able to plan it well in advance, get in touch with the people who can help you in moving and also by looking for helpful tips and information online.
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