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Choose Building Materials to Suit Climate Condition

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There are many factors to be considered in building a home. One particular factor is choosing building materials that would suit the climate of the area where the home or building will be built. Naturally, we want to make sure that the materials used in constructing homes should be compatible with the type of climate that we have.

Since weather has a great impact on the structure and functionality of a building, it is of vital importance to choose building materials suitable for the weather. Climate plays a significant role in the life span, durability and environmental performance of construction materials.

There are important aspects to consider when selecting the materials appropriate for the climate in building homes. First, consider the effect of the architectural design and structure that would suit human thermal comfort such as the layout, shading conditions, window and ventilation on the climate indoors. Second, climate conditions differ such as humidity, wind speed and temperature.

For instance, in a country like the Philippines, the climate is humid. Majority of the buildings and homes in this country is made of concrete. This is because concrete can withstand heavy rain downpours. This country experiences twenty and more typhoons every single year with big chances of flooding particularly in cities and other low elevated areas.

You can find fifteen different types of building materials available to choose from in building homes and other structures. Nevertheless, being aware of the climate conditions of a certain place is the first step to take when choosing materials for construction. A good builder should consider the weather to build a more efficient and effective home.

Most historical places and ancient structures have been abandoned for many centuries but they remain standing to this day. This is due to the durability of their materials to stand up to the climate condition of the place where they are located.

Most ancient buildings in some countries were mostly made of brick, rubble stone and mortar in random bond with the local skills of builders who continue to use older methods in building structures and homes. These buildings stand for more than three hundred years without repair and maintenance needs.

Other homes and buildings in other countries particularly in plain climatic conditions were made differently with the use of cut stone on their exterior surface, which serves to protect the main wall structure made of mortar, and rubble stone from the harsh climate conditions of these areas.

This proves to us that people in ancient times used construction materials and techniques to suit the weather conditions of the place for the intent to keep these places intact and survive for centuries as signs and symbols of their ingenuity, craftsmanship and hard work.

If you want to construct a new home, take into consideration the type of materials that are appropriate for the weather condition of your place. If you are in a cold climate, choose building materials that could properly insulate your home and sturdy even in the worst cold weather conditions. If you are in a hot climate, choose materials that would allow your home to stay cooler and could withstand even during the worst heat conditions of your place.
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