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Getting to Know HOA

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HOA rules are implemented in every community for homeowners to avoid fines and penalties. However, do we really have an idea what HOA is and why this association was made? HOA is an acronym for Homeowners Association. Every community has an association for the shared properties to be protected and maintained. Each organization has rules and regulations that serve as guidelines to residents in the neighborhood. Condominiums and townhouses also have their own HOAs.

Having to be chosen as one of the board of directors is really a privilege but it comes with numerous responsibilities. You have to take care of a lot of things in the neighborhood. You have to see to it that rules and regulations are not only implemented but also adhered to.
It is also important that your judgment is fair.

Management is not the only thing that you have to consider but also some other major concerns of the homeowners. The issues that you have to address may include maintenance and repairs. You should also check the facilities from time to time and make sure that they are all in good condition.
Property owners will surely complain about a certain facility that is not working properly. Scheduled maintenance is also necessary as the residents have the right to be informed as to when they cannot use the facilities.

You should also collect monthly dues as part of your responsibility. Make sure that proper use and distribution of funds are observed. This way you will be able to maintain the trust and confidence of the homeowners.

Important HOA rules to consider when moving

One of the things that you have to be aware of before you purchase a property in a certain neighborhood is the HOA rules. This is important as there might be some rules and regulations that you may not like and may lead you to change your mind in purchasing a property. The monthly dues may be too high for you and you may deem this rule unacceptable. Pets not being allowed to enter the building may also be included in the HOA rules. This rings true especially if you consider moving into a new townhouse.

Know and understand the rules so you will know if they are acceptable to you. It will also help you decide whether you are going to buy the property or not. Read the rules carefully and make sure that you understand each of them. This is also one way of setting your expectations. You can also adjust easily in your new community if you understood the rules.

HOA exists to keep the community well-maintained and organized. Without the association, it will be quite impossible to keep the order in the community and the property owner’s concern will not be properly addressed.

There should be a person tasked to repair and maintain so they will be presentable to the property owners. Some rules may not really be acceptable to you but these rules can help the residents of the entire community avoid problems with their neighborhood.
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