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It isn't news that technology has drastically changed the way we communicate with each other on a personal level; email, texting, Tweeting, and Facebook are allowing us to keep in touch at a level that was unheard of a decade ago. These innovations are ideal for people who just have to let everyone know what they are doing during each moment of the day, and it seems as though some of us would be lost without them.

Aside from personal connectivity, these technologies also have great potential in the business world. Marketing strategies changed completely with the advent of the Internet and now it seems they have to adapt once again to keep pace with the handheld technology that has become commonplace in society. In the business world, Realtors are among the many that are seeing big changes in the way they do business.

"Back in the day", Realtors had possession/control of all of the listings and buyers would have to go them to find out what was on the market. Now house hunters can use the Internet to search all properties that match their needs and only need to contact a Realtor to view the properties they have chosen. Seemingly this would make the Realtor's job easier when in reality it has created new challenges for the agents.

Tech savvy consumers are now expecting their realtors to be on the cutting edge as well and are demanding instant information from them in the field. To meet this demand, Realtors have to update their marketing strategies and employ all of the current gadgetry available.

From a marketing standpoint, many adjustments are needed in order to remain competitive. Considering more than 90% of homebuyers come through the Internet, a strong online presence is crucial. Many Realtors will place their listings not only on their personal sites and on the MLS, but also on upwards of 150 other sites. Just when they thought they had that figured out, a new phenomenon arrived; social media/networking.

Social media and networking tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube have opened a floodgate of new marketing opportunities for Realtors. These tools not only allow them to keep in touch with their customers, they are also an excellent platform for marketing their services and highlighting properties. One agent explained that she has nearly 1000 friends on her Facebook page and each of those friends has an average of 250 friends, potentially exposing her listings to 250,000 people; for free!!

Now technology has added another element to the Realtors' tool kit; portable handheld devices with anywhere connectivity. Smart Phones and laptops have become essential tools for the modern real estate agent, and allow them to stay connected to the latest listing updates and real estate news without having to be in their offices. This concept is taken even further with the introduction of tablet PC's and services like DocuSign which allow for electronic signatures in the field -- no more lugging around lengthy documents back and forth between the property and the office.

Realtors' acceptance of this new wave of technology is varied and depending on the demographic being served, each one will incorporate a different level of technology into their marketing mix. Although technology tools can bring Realtors and their listings closer to customers, no technological tool can replace a real estate professional's knowledge, integrity and network... After all, would you rather seal the deal with a handshake or a Tweet?

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