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Government Foreclosures, Bank Foreclosures Create Health Problems

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By : Allana Castro    99 or more times read
Residents of Bakersfield, California have complained that government foreclosures, bank foreclosed properties and other vacant and abandoned homes in their neighborhoods are posing health risks to people living in the area, particularly those properties with swimming pools.

A lot of homes that are being offered at Bakersfield foreclosure auctions have swimming pools; and while lenders are waiting for the homes to be sold and be occupied by owners, the properties are reportedly left uncared for, with swimming pools left undrained and serving as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

According to households living near properties under home auctions in California, they are unable to leave the safety of their homes because surrounding areas are riddled with mosquitoes. Some residents have reported that they cannot even open the windows of their homes to let in air since mosquitoes often get in.

People living near dwellings with pools that are under foreclosed home auctions reportedly spend a lot of money on bug sprays and mosquito repellent lotions to keep the insects at bay, particularly now that the climate is getting hotter. They stated that they are worried about the diseases that these mosquitoes might be carrying which could include the dreaded West Nile virus.

Bakersfield residents have complained that vacant homes due to bank and government foreclosures should be the responsibility of realtors and current mortgage holders. According to them, they have called Vector Control and realtors to address the problem, but have been repeatedly told that the problem had been taken care of. However, residents claimed that the mosquitoes continue to lurk in their backyards and get inside their homes once they open the windows or doors.

A big number of neighbors have complained that they were like hostages in their own houses. They stated that Vector Control had told them that the swimming pools have been treated and that mosquito fishes have been put on the pools’ water, but the insect problem persists.

Residents of Bakersfield who live near properties under bank or government foreclosures have asserted that those responsible for caring for vacant residences with swimming pools should hasten to solve the problem before the city suffers from diseases that will be more difficult to control once they have spread.
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