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Top 7 Reasons to Sell Your Home to a Real Estate Investor

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By : Casey Anderson    99 or more times read
Motivated sellers have been encouraged for years to sell their homes to real estate investors- flexibility and quick cash are some of the more popular perks to choosing these buyers. However, in addition to the obvious key words there are hundreds of benefits to selling your home to a real estate investor, no matter how motivated you are.

  1. Quick close: This is probably the most common reason someone would turn to a real estate investor to buy their house. Investors usually have ways of securing financing immediately, and so do not take as long as a retail buyer would. Because they don't plan to live in the house, they're not comparing it to other homes they might want to live in- chances are they're buying up everything that fits their criteria. Investors also mean business- they work fast, and the quicker they close on your house, the quicker they can make money and move on to the next property- they share your need for speed.

  2. Convenience: Selling to an investor is one of the most convenient ways to sell your house. Instead of finding a reliable realtor who may or may not market your house effectively and will charge commission, you can sell to the buyer directly. Many time investors will approach you, eliminating the need to advertise your home. Also these types of buyers generally only need to see the home once, if at all. You won't have prospective buyers coming in and out of your house all day, or have to exert a lot of effort to keep the house clean.

  3. You Can Sell "As Is": Most investors will by homes "as is" meaning you won't have to spend money on repairs. No matter what shape your property is in, there's probably an investor who wants to buy it. Although they're less common, investors who are willing to buy homes with foundation issues, roof problems, or even burn damage, exist. Investors are fairly creative and are buying more for functionality than aesthetic appeal. It doesn't really matter if the carpets are dirty or there's a hole in the wall- they fix things up for a living. Because they probably have a team of contractors and references, they can fix things faster and for less money than you could.

  4. They're Direct: Where as a retail buyer may spend months comparing your house to others they've seen and engage you in a negotiation war, investor's are much more direct. Because they're familiar with similar homes they can figure out the maximum they can pay and give you an offer fairly quickly. A good investor will tell you right off the bat if he's not your buyer- they're not interested in wasting your time, because it'll waste their too.

  5. They're Familiar with the Market: Investor's familiarity with the real estate market can help you in tricky situations. For example, if you need to move in town they may already have a home for you. They also have a relationship with title companies and can help you understand the contract better.

  6. Non Contingent Closes: Although not all investors operate under this rule, most do. If a retail buyer were to buy your house and then realize something is dramatically wrong with it they could sue you. But if an investor buys your house and comes to the same conclusion, they generally will leave you alone. Since they have special knowledge about the condition of the house they'll take the fall. Typically, after you sign the contract you'll never have to interact with the buyer again.

  7. Cash Offer: Most investor offer you cash, which can be very important to motivated sellers who are going through a divorce or just got layed off.

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