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Effective Ways To Repair Your Credit Score and Fix Your Bad Credit Once and For All

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By : Darin Sewell    99 or more times read

If you are dealing with the frustration and difficulties of bad credit you no doubt have been searching for ways to repair credit scores that have fallen to low levels. This search can be frustrating and confusing as the internet is full of lots of mis-information in regards to the different ways to repair your credit scores. This article however will sort through the confusion and give you a brief but concise overview of a few proven ways to fix credit score problems.

Three Steps To Fixing your Credit

Basically the entire process of fixing your bad credit revolves around three principles and those principles are as follows:

  • Remove

  • Rebuild

  • Re Establish

Lets take a quick look at each of these three aspects in more details to help you understand the process of improving your credit yourself. It is not difficult as you will see in the explanations below.

Remove- By federal law you are able to dispute any items on your credit report that you do not agree with. This means that late payments, judgments and other negative accounts can all be disputed. The process is simple and a good dispute letter and some additional basic self credit repair tactics are all it takes to get most of these items removed. IF you are unsure of how to go about this then use a good self credit repair kit to guide you.

Rebuild- The next part of the process involves rebuilding your credit history and credit scores by adding new trade lines to your credit report. As hard as this may sound it is actually quite easy if you use secured credit cards. These credit cards function like a regular credit card but are secured by a cash deposit you make with the lender. Because you secure the account with your own cash approval is almost guaranteed as long as you are working.

Re Establish- This part of the process works in tandem with rebuilding. Once you are approved for a secured credit account you need to make sure you use the account in a responsible manner and always pay on time. If you do this your scores will continue to rise and you will be able to get approved for unsecured credit accounts and your score will improve faster. The key is to not apply for too many accounts and use the ones you do get in a responsible manner!

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