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Merits and Disadvantages in Buying a Condo and Buying a House

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By : Andrew Simmans    99 or more times read
There are occasions when the costs for a house in Manila can set buying a home beyond the reach of the normal household. Real estate developers are willing to convince prospective property owners that a condo unit may be much better suited to their economic status. Customers should take into account the advantages and disadvantages that are inherent to a condo and a house, and see which one is better suited to their situation.

The key advantage of a condo over a house is its practicality. The busier someone's life is, the less time they get to clean up their dwelling. A condo complex will frequently have a crew of service and upkeep personnel available for any unit owners to call upon. A condo unit, as opposed to a house in Manila, will also spare owners from any garden work or strenuous house upkeep jobs.

A second benefit to a Manila condo is the area. Most condo building developers build in the center of key cities, never too far from main streets or business stores. The typical condo is based within walking distance of essential services, like washing providers and restaurants. The access of condo units to fiscal and business facilities also means that they are an ideal home for employees.

There are, of course, a few drawbacks. Charges for a condo for an expanded period can occasionally total to over the sum it would take to buy a house in Manila. Besides the regular monthly mortgage on the unit, condo owners must also furnish a maintenance cost. This fee is for the maintenance of the common places of the condo. There are situations wherein a person could find he is paying more every month for the condo than he would be having to pay if he had acquired a house of comparable cost.

Philippine houses also have their own advantages over a condo unit. A house is more family-friendly than a condo unit. There is more room for children, and some of the houses on the market enable them to have separate rooms to themselves. A house can also allow for pets that are less likely to be allowed in a condo unit. For people with families, a house also offers more solitude, with no other owners in the very same building.

A house in Manila also offers a lot more living space. Adults and children similarly demand their very own areas to have enough time to themselves. Prospective purchasers who have space-intensive activities would also be more content with a house rather than a condo. Doing business from home is also usually more comfortable in a house. The extra space means that there is much more room for all that someone possesses.

Unlike a Manila condo, a house would require the owner to compensate for all upkeep costs on his own. This would mean that anything that has to be fixed must be covered out of the owner's bank account. Any repair service people must also be approached by the homeowner rather than be provided by building managers. The larger the home is, the more time and cash must be put in it. On the bright side, this can enhance the home's resale worth down the road if executed effectively.

The decision to buy a house in Manila or select a condo as a substitute is something that should not be taken casually. There are clear rewards to both, and a possible owner should take a look at their demands before making a decision.
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