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Foreclosed Owners Unable to Reclaim Home Appliances, Personals

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By : John Cutts    99 or more times read
Most owners of foreclosed properties in Phoenix, Arizona have recounted almost similar stories; that of being evicted from their homes without even a chance to collect their personal belongings, including small home appliances, clothes and other family heirlooms. According to them, they are ordered to clear the premises the very same day their homes are sold at auctions.

Under the state’s law, foreclosed owners have at least five days to clear the property from the day it is sold at auction. However, foreclosed families revealed that buyers would evict them from their homes at the very same day the sale is announced at auction. In most cases, buyers wait for them to leave their residences for an hour or so and would then change the locks, denying them entry into their own homes.

With the ongoing housing crisis still hitting the city hard, most homeowners are unaware of their rights. Some of them are still negotiating for a mortgage modification when they find out that their property has been auctioned off. They stated that they only find out when the new owners arrive and order their eviction.

According to local reports, most buyers are worried that foreclosed families will cause damage to the house or take home appliances with them if they were given a chance to properly pack their belongings. To avoid these scenarios, buyers replace the locks or have someone watch the property to prevent the old owners from gaining access to the premises.

Buyers of auctioned houses are mostly in a hurry to evict residents in the hope that they can resell the property fast. The unpredictable auction schedule in the city, scheduling errors and postponements also contribute to the problem of sudden eviction faced by foreclosed families.

Local real estate owners have revealed that most homeowners are unaware of the state’s law. They get scared when someone knocks on their doors and order them to vacate the residence that they often do as they were told; sometimes without even demanding to see legal documents to prove that the property has indeed been foreclosed.

On the side of homebuyers, their primary worry is that the foreclosed dwelling they purchased will be vandalized by the former owners and will be stripped of fixtures and home appliances, hence their desire to speed up the eviction process.
John Cutts has been educated in the finer points of the foreclosure market over 5 years.

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