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Top 5 Reasons to Sell Your Home to an Investor

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By : Casey Anderson    99 or more times read
There are many reasons why a motivated seller may turn to an investor to buy their house. In the current economy job losses, foreclosures, and other financial woes are putting immense pressure on homeowners to sell, and sell fast. Selling to a real estate investor in your area could reduce your stress and ease the process of selling your house.

The first and most obvious thing a real estate investor can offer you is speed. They typically know what they're looking for and can give you an offer themselves on the spot. In many cases, they may not even bother to look at the house. Because they most likely have worked out their financing options in advance, you'll not be slowed down by their inability to get a loan. Many of them have cash, and are able to close in as little as two weeks.

The second thing most real estate investors market about themselves is convenience. They see buying your house as offering you a service, and as a result are willing to work around your schedule. You won't need stay on call, prepared to leave your house at a moments notice for a realtor. Investors have flexible schedules. Because this is their job, they'll be able to work around your schedule.

Another great thing you gain by working with an investor is sureness of close. Since they aren't actually going to be the ones living in the house, you won't have to worry about them backing out because they've found something better. Chances are they're buying many houses besides yours, and don't have to deal with messy emotional reactions to homes. Since they've most likely already figured out financing, they won't leave you hanging at the last second because they're unable to come through. Almost anytime an investor tells you they can buy your house, you can be sure they've done their research.

Perhaps the most financially rewarding benefit of selling to a real estate investor is the ability to sell as is. This is the primary motivator for many home sellers who decide to take this route. Putting a house on the market is expensive. It may take thousands of dollars in repairs to finally get to the point where your home can compete with newer homes and rentals in the area. Making lots of repairs doesn't even guarantee you a quick sell. Investors can deal with imperfections, and actually expect to have to make repairs. Retail buyers feel the need to imagine themselves in the house before they buy it- a task they have trouble doing if the carpet's dirty or there are foundational problems. For an investor to make repairs, it won't cost as much. They most likely have a team of contractors who will repair your house in the quickest and most cost effective way- a resource the average home seller doesn't have.

Lastly, investors offers are usually flexible. They are usually adaptable and will structure the deal in whatever way works for you. Again, they aren't going to live there, so if you don't want to close for a few months chances are they'll still be interested in your house. A common thing in the real estate investing community is for investors to buy a house, and then rent to the owners until they find another home to move into. This is a popular choice because it assures the home owners their house is sold, and allows them to avoid a double mortgage.

Although you may not get as much money if you sell your house from an investor as you would if you left it on the market, there are many reasons to choose this option.

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