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Foreclosure-Scams are happening in Washington, DC

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By : John Smith    99 or more times read
A cruel story some might not be true surfaced recently in a Washington appeals court. Although this time the ending was a happy one, your scribe is wondering how many similar cases go un-noticed every year, and end in tragedy.

As a result of their heartless preying on a defenseless woman, two particularly ruthless Washington businessmen have been ordered to pay Maria-Theresa Wilson over $3 million after having had their appeal turned down against their conviction for defrauding the disabled lady out of her home in a particularly cruel foreclosure-rescue scam.

In 2003 Maria-Theresa Wilson was in deep water and it seemed foreclosure on the home where she was living, and caring for her elderly mother too, was unavoidable. A former convict and itinerant preacher named Calvin Baltimore offered her relief, ostensibly with a loan from his employer Vincent Abell. In reality, nothing was further from the truth – the lady (who suffers from seizures due to a head injury) was persuaded to sign her home across to Abell, as part of “necessary legal fiction to stave off her foreclosure”.

After Abell paid just $42,000 to her lender to bring her payments up to date, Maria-Theresa Wilson and her elderly mother became renters in a home that remained mortgaged in their name. When she couldn’t make the rent either, Vincent Abell evicted her, and sold the unhappy home. Unwilling to let go that easily, Ms. Wilson sued the twin rogues, and their firm Modern Management Company as well, and was awarded damages of $3.3 million payable by itinerant preacher Calvin Baltimore and his boss man Vincent Abell. They appealed the judgment, on the basis that the penalty was too high – also that the jury had wanted to punish them for previous dodgy deals.

The dirt on the two gentlemen (if I may use the term) is quite extensive. Vincent Abell served time for his involvement in loan-insurance fraud 20 years ago. In 2008 he and Calvin Baltimore settled out of court with 5 residents, returning them their homes and a median $91,000 each. Our two heroes are currently facing further trouble in a suit around an unemployed man who also lost his home as did Maria-Theresa Wilson.

While the aggrieved lady’s lawyer is delighted with the appeal court’s ruling that Calvin Baltimore and Vincent Abell acted with reckless indifference, the two thugs are continuing as if nothing’s changed. When a colleague yesterday called Vincent’s Abell’s new company, that’s known as Phoenix Real Estate, a lady answered “Modern Management – how may we help you?”.

It’s an open question why crooks like these continue to escape long-term imprisonment. Don’t you think it’s high time our legislators closed this glaring gap in our legislation too.
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