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House Hunting During the Calgary Stampede

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By : Lina Horner    99 or more times read
If you’re looking to move to Calgary in the near future, planning your house hunting trip during the Calgary Stampede might seem self-defeating. The traffic and crowds are intense and it can take quite a long time to tour homes when you have travel time to take into account. However, it can open your eyes to the practicalities of living in Calgary, as this event is held every year and you can expect to deal with future Stampedes.

The Calgary Stampede is the world’s largest rodeo, but features an impressive variety of competitions and entertainments. Stampede is Calgary’s Mardi Gras – the time when Calgarians sport western wear – even in the office - and participate in city-wide events. The atmosphere is upbeat and welcoming to the many people coming to Calgary to participate and observe the events.

The first thing is to discuss your plans with your Realtor ® so that you can combine a hearty home hunting with some fun Stampede activities. Many Realtors ® have plans for the Stampede as well, so it’s a good idea to develop an itinerary for your home hunting/Stampede activities together.

Dress Western! To blend in with the rest of the city, even while you’re touring luxury homes in Mount Royal, invest in a nice western style outfit. This includes cowboy boots, jeans (or a jean skirt), button up long-sleeved shirt, cowboy hat and bandana. You can find many of these items for a modest price (or free – see below), so don’t think that you have to spend a large amount of money.

Start your day with one of the free pancake breakfasts that are held around the city. After a hearty meal of sausages and pancakes, you’ll be ready for the first round of home tours. If you have kids with you, you can bribe the little darlings to be quiet and polite while you do walkthroughs by promising to take them to the rides, games and family shows that the Stampede features.

While you’re touring homes, if you’re touring them in the vicinity of The Rivers district or surrounding neighbourhoods where the Stampede grounds are located, note the many people who make extra cash by allowing Stampede-goers to park on their property. Remember that easy access to the Stampede can make you very popular with friends and family during the 10 days of Stampede Week!

Take note of the traffic; it’s good to know which neighbourhoods get swamped by Stampede traffic and which ones are relatively free – if you absolutely depend on getting out of the house and to work with a minimum commute time, it’s worth it to know which areas you should use transit for and which ones you can drive from.

Take advantage of all the events held in conjunction with the Stampede. There are plenty of businesses that are investing in freebies, events and entertainment for the public during this time. To blend in, look for the free cowboy hats being handed out for Get Your Head In A Hat Day (and make sure you wear it or any other cowboy hat you happen to have as prizes are given out to people who the GYHIAH crews see wearing one!) Check out the latest Stampede schedules at the website for more information on freebies and bargains.

Ask your Realtor ® if they know of any events that you would be particularly interested in. Plan your itinerary so that you can pick up some great experiences at the Stampede while you find the right home for you in Calgary.
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