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Are you an accidental landlord?

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By : Mark Hall    99 or more times read
With the property market the way it is right now there are a lot of people who've found themselves as accidental landlords, owners who wanted to sell their house when they moved but couldn't and now have the headache of managing tenants.

The truth is property is a great investment for many people - but it's only a great investment if it's what you chose to invest in for the right reasons, not something you got pushed into because of market circumstance. The good news is there are a lot of people who do invest in property and are setup for managing tenants. If you fall into the 'accidental landlord' category the best way to sell your house fast is to make contact with these professional investors who are experienced in the area and who may be in a better position to buy houses even in a down financial market.

There are always good tenants and bad tenants, but even if you've got great tenants there are always little hassles that can leave you tearing your hair out if you never intended on being a landlord. Then there's the problem of trying to sell a house with sitting tenants, it's great if you have a long list of property investors lining up to look at your house, but if your house is more appealing to owner occupiers - tenants can be a big turnoff. Many buyers refuse to even consider a house that is occupied.

There are a number of ways to find cash buyers who will be interested in purchasing tenanted properties:

    * You can go down the route of listing with your local estate agent, most have a small number of investors they deal with on a regular basis.

  • You can go directly to sites like Zoopla and RightMove, but listing a property on these sites can be quite expensive.

  • Property investors in your area will most likely advertise in local newspapers, so they're quite likely to read those same papers to look for people who may be looking to sell. In this case you have two choices, advertise your property or look for who's advertising as a cash buyer or property investor and see whether they're interested in your house.

  • You can find a lot of property buyers online, but be careful - remember just because something's on the internet doesn't mean it's reputable or providing accurate information. As with anything online do your research, look at what each business has to say and see if there are reviews from people who've used them before, also look to see if they'll offer you information to help you - a business that will give you free information to make an informed decision is more likely to be reputable than the one that's secretive.

  • Always look for someone who's local to your area, if you're in Nottingham for example, it makes sense to deal with a cash buyer who's active in Nottingham. If the investor or house buying firm you're dealing with aren't local they may not pay a fair market price (chances are they won't know the market as well as someone who is working locally in the area).

It's also worth remembering that the big national house buying firms have to pay advertising and marketing costs on a national scale, if you're dealing with a local buyer, they might be able to offer a better price because they don't have the same overheads and they're going to be more in tune with the market locally.
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