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ALTA Explains American Title Company Insurance Costs

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By : John Cutts    99 or more times read
American Land Title Association (ALTA), a national trade organization that represents insurance firms in the U.S., has emphasized the importance of insurance policy provided by an American title company to homeowners and investors.

According to ALTA, homeowners who question the costs of title insurance do not fully understand the steps necessary in producing a title policy. The organization has emphasized the need for investors, lenders and homeowners to realize how such a policy can protect them.

The trade association has explained that homeowners can have protection against undeclared liens on their properties when they acquire a title policy. ALTA also insists that homeowners can easily cope with ownership challenges if they have a title insurance for which they only need to pay a one-time fee.

ALTA explains the process by which title policy is issued. It starts with the inspection of the property’s history conducted by a title agent for the purpose of finding whether there will be any problem for the owner claiming rights to the property. Deeds, court judgments, taxes and general encumbrances are just some of the legal issues that will be under scrutiny during this inspection.

As explained by the trade group, majority of the costs of discovering and repairing these issues will be covered by the premium offered by an American title company. Such premiums also protect homebuyers from the trouble of having to pay for the debts of previous homeowners. They further added that even the Department of Housing and Urban Development encourages homebuyers to acquire title policies.

Homebuyers are also warned about companies claiming that they are trying to save buyers some money on mortgage fees, while not revealing to unsuspecting buyers how much their services cost. Some of these companies, ALTA reveals, charge more than $500 just for a review of loan and mortgage documents.

Buyers can choose their own provider or seek the help of a third party who knew all about title insurance, such as other homebuyers and real estate agents. The organization has reiterated its aim to help homebuyers understand expenses associated with buying residential properties which can result to lessening their costs.

Insurance premiums offered by an American title company are an important aspect of purchasing a home, according to ALTA. The trade association encourages homebuyers to secure a title policy when they purchase a home to secure their ownership of the property.
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