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Survey Responders Choose Deserted Foreclosure Pets

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By : Julie Thompson    99 or more times read
Public opinion reported that U.S residents mostly prefer to have foreclosure pets that are deserted than to purchase pets from store. Associated observed that above 50 percent respondents think that pets of stores are prone to have hidden physical or psychological illness.

Though it is noted that animals adopted from pet shelters can also be affected by some disease yet most respondents are of the opinion that pets purchased from stores are liable to have hidden sickness.

Just like numbers of families who prefer purchasing foreclosed homes in spite of their existing house, the habit of U.S residents to adopt desolate pets is also increasing day by day. According to market analysts, this is a way of coping with foreclosure crisis they face in their daily life.

Many respondents even say that since pets in stores are over bred they are more likely to sick than pets from shelters. It has been also stated by respondents that pet stores are there only to make business, they do not look after the animals properly, whereas pet shelters take good care of pets which are offered for adoption.

In totality what the survey results show is that 8 percent choose to have pets from shops, 13 percent have foreclosed pets or got their pets either from pet shelters. 23 percent said that they prefer to have pets from breeders and 54 percent prefer pets from pet shelter.

Pet shelters were previously facing huge problem in finding families who like to adopt foreclosure pets that are abandoned. The results reveal that these shelters are in a good position now. Shelter operators are overwhelmed with the increasing number of animals that are required to be housed while there is a decrease in households who choose to adopt animals.

Since legal proceedings by state are rising continuously problem of providing accommodation to abandoned animals is also likely to intensify. Most Americans are quite aware of this problem. So respondents are not able to understand why potential buyers of pets choose to purchase from stores when there is abundant animals in shelters. These animals are killed due to lack of space to accommodate them.

People, who were involved in the survey advised others to search for pets when they are looking for homes that are owned by bank. They tried to encourage these buyers to do some sort of contributions to save the animals of shelter from being euthanized.
Julie Thompson, has been working on studying the foreclosures market, helping buyers on the finer points of foreclosed homes for sale. Try to visit and search foreclosure homes by state.

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