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Important Things You Should Know about Your Homeowners Association

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Have you ever felt dissatisfied with your HOA because you do not agree with the rules they implement? Are you having a hard time in accepting the terms and conditions that you are required to approve of before becoming a member of your preferred real estate community? These conflicting interests between you and your homeowners association could actually jeopardize your satisfaction with a specific property you chose to purchase and the area where it is located.

If you do not want to have these kinds of misunderstandings with your HOA, you should do your best in understanding its basic features and role as a legitimate organization. Once you have learned to understand why they implement these rules, you would feel more encouraged in becoming a resident who always adheres to important community regulations and restrictions. Once this happens, you would finally avoid any source of conflict with your homeowners association.

Why were homeowners associations built?

Before knowing what the basic features of an HOA are, you should first understand the reason behind why these organizations are built in real estate communities. By knowing why they were formed, you can finally feel more at ease with their rules and regulations.

Homeowners associations are built in order to maintain various real estate communities and properties. Condominiums, townhomes, and different neighborhoods usually have this kind of organization. Developers of communities are usually the ones who encourage the presence of this legal entity in order to keep various properties and community areas well maintained at all times.

Homeowners associations usually issue a set of rules, which is named as the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. Property owners are required to understand the contents of this document and follow all the policies and rules that it suggests.

What are the basic features and responsibilities of an HOA?

The basic features of an HOA include their mandatory inclusion of all property owners in their membership pool, regular publishing of newsletters, and having a governing board for overseeing implementation of by-laws and community policies.

Meanwhile, the responsibilities of your homeowners association include three things the obligation to enhance the aesthetic value of your community, the responsibility of enforcing specific rules and codes of conduct, and the duty of maintaining the different facilities and amenities in your neighborhood.

Your HOA is able to enhance the aesthetic value of your property by allocating funds for its continuous growth and development. They use these funds in order to build additional recreational facilities and community amenities according to the requests and preferences of the residents in the community they oversee.

Their team is also required to implement specific rules such as blight and trash control, maintenance of streets and properties, and other policies that are related to the general well-being of residents in your neighborhood. Usually, they also require people who fail to follow such rules to pay for specific amounts of penalty fees. These fees are also added to the community fund, which is used for the maintenance and upkeep of your neighborhood.

Lastly, they also have the obligation of taking care of properties, facilities, and landscapes in your neighborhood. They maintain the upkeep of these areas by charging property owners with mandatory monthly fees. Such fees are used for maintaining streets, preserving landscapes, and disposing community garbage.

These are only some of the basic features and rules of your homeowners association. Always remember these things in order to help you accept the rules implemented by your HOA without any hesitation.
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