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Lead Paint and Asbestos

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By : Sonia Smith    99 or more times read
In the current real estate market, there are plenty of affordable homes to choose from. This is indeed a great way to finally own the house of your dreams. Nevertheless, when purchasing a home, do not only consider its beauty and affordability, you should also take into consideration that it is a secure and safe place for the entire family.

The two most common household chemicals that could cause health risks are lead paint and asbestos. Bear in mind that older homes were painted using lead-based paint. Even if the government banned its use in building and homes in 1978, an older home could still be painted with lead paint since it was still available in paint supply stores and was still used even if it was banned.

You can prevent this from happening by determining if the home has these two chemicals before purchasing it. Following are important information on asbestos and lead paint.

Lead causes severe danger to people due to its very powerful toxic content. This could easily harm various parts of the body of young children. Lead could circulate in the air around and could spread harmful diseases and illnesses quickly. The fine chemicals and particles could remain on carpets and other household fabrics, allowing more substance to be released every time you clean or remodel your home.

Lead poisoning is leading cause of sickness in children due to ingestion of the particles. Lead poisoning could cause damage in the nervous system, hearing loss, seizures, kidney diseases, behavioral problems and in some instances even death.

You can check out an older home with the use of a lead-paint testing kit. Never attempt to remove or scrape off the paint by yourself. Hire a professional who is thoroughly knowledgeable and equipped on this matter. A DIY type of detecting led paint is 100 percent accurate. Nevertheless, you could only be certain when you have samples tested in certified laboratories and have them examine it.

Asbestos was used for buildings and houses because of its high attributes as a material. Asbestos is heat, sound and fire resistant, thus was considered a good way to increase the level comforts of a home. However, asbestos particles could cause extreme illness such as lung and stomach cancer. Continued exposure could damage the body and causes other serious illnesses.

The tough and study materials of asbestos penetrates in the lungs and stomach and could linger in body organs and the sensitive body tissues and muscles. Unlike lead paint, asbestos does not usually circulate around the house and the particles are only activated once you renovate or remodel your home.

Asbestos could still be present on some materials and products like insulation and other building materials. Places in the home where it could be are the flooring tiles, pipe, insulation, and roofing, fireproofing materials, wall surface and siding.

These are some of the risks and disadvantages of buying an older home with asbestos and lead paint content. If you really want to buy an older home, ascertain that you have it tested for these two dangerous chemicals and have them completely eradicated before you occupy the house.

Although older homes are very attractive and more dramatic, you should always prioritize the health of the whole family.
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