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Learn Which One You Need Humidifier or Dehumidifier

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Most families need to deal with humidity and the consequent issues this occurrence brings. Two of the easiest solutions to iron out this problem are in form of humidifiers and dehumidifiers. But since they come in different variants, it is best to firstly familiarize with their respective traits, pros and cons before purchasing one. Moreover, understanding how humidity transpires and affects your home is tantamount to getting the proper machine for your home.

What is humidity?
This is measure of the water vapor in the air, which varies according to the absorption of thermal radiation and temperature in the atmosphere. Too high or low humidity simply translates into a too moist or too dry area. With this understanding how humidity transpires and affects your surroundings, you can now better select the proper machine for your home.

Getting to know the units
Humidifiers produce an evaporative or cool mist to be distributed into closed spaces. There are two ways how the humidifier would be built in your home. You have the discretion to whether incorporate the unit into your central heating system or get a portable unit for every single room.

They come in three types, namely evaporator, atomizer and ultrasound. The first one forces air over water inside the unit and a fan within blows out the evaporated air into the house. The second type breaks up water droplets to produce mist that is consequently disbursed into the air. The last one operates much like the atomizer but instead of using a brush or blade in producing the mist, an oscillating disc usually at 1.6 million times per second does the job. Thus very fine droplets are produced.

This unit would be very useful in homes with very dry climates, and for families who have members suffering from dry-climate related health problems such as sore throat, sore eyes, dry skin and others. The evaporated air it releases could also be beneficial for home components that are drying out, like wooden structures and furniture.

Cleaning the humidifier is important so as to address the issues of bacterial growth inside it, which could be easily disbursed into the evaporated air. Portable units should be cleaned at least twice a week and central units at least once every month. The residues inside the units must be removed through pouring chlorine bleach into their basin. Another solution to prevent accumulation of the white dust is to use distilled water in the humidifier.

Dehumidifiers work exactly the opposite they remove moisture in the air. The air is condensed through cold and warm coils, and then distributed back into the room. Most units can amass 10 to 50 pints (1.25 to 6.25 gallon) of water from the air, depending on the type of the unit.

Perhaps the most popular yet unknown as a dehumidifier is the air conditioner. This actually works as such because of their condensing coils (warm part) that dissolve water in order to distribute cold dry air into room. Other types include the mechanical, desiccant and electronic. The desiccant type is known to have the highest absorption capacity, while the last one is the quietest due to the absence of a mechanical compressor.

This equipment is very much advantageous for eliminating or preventing habitats of molds and similar bacterial growth that thrive in moist damp areas. Consequently, dehumidifiers are great for people who have adverse respiratory reactions, allergies or other health risks caused by the inhabitants in the damp areas. But the presence of molds is still inevitable if the unit is not properly maintained, as these formations could still be in the drainage ducts. They then have to be emptied out regularly and washed with water and detergent or bleach.

Choose the equipment wisely so you can optimal results. If the situation in your home calls for it, install both units so you could be prepared which one to use based on the changing climates in your area.
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