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How to Get Furnished Apartments on Rental in Dubai?

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By : Daniel McCain    99 or more times read
Renting furnished apartments in Dubai - What are the do's for rental in Dubai?

When it is a matter of renting apartments in Dubai, there are various important issues. If these factors are kept top of the mind while signing agreement for rental in Dubai, it will help you to decide for the best rewarding place in Dubai to get furnished apartments.

2 Important factors to think about before renting apartments in Dubai

1.How long are you planning to rent apartment in Dubai?

The most important question one should ask while looking in Dubai for furnished apartment is that, “For how much time he/she has to rent that apartment in Dubai?” Probably deciding around the time can make a big difference in sort of apartment you select.

Renting Dubai Furnished Apartments for Short Term

Among all options, one is to get a short term rental like hotel or furnished apartment. Such kinds of options are generally called "corporate housing" or "extended stay hotels". These types of rental in Dubai are focused upon the prospects like travelling business professionals who stay in some specific areas. Additionally, renting Dubai furnished apartments are comparatively cost-effective than having hotel room because you can avail discounts for extended stay.

Renting Apartment in Dubai for Long Term

However, renting apartment in Dubai for longer period of time i.e. if you are planning to stay for more than six months, it is better to go for annual rental in Dubai. This will allow you to decorate your home in your personal style and create an atmosphere you want. You can have the option to select the location to rent an apartment in Dubai according to your desire. Just what you have to bother is to have a six month or a yearly agreement for rental in Dubai, so make sure that you plan wisely for the time of your journey.

2.Finding proper rental in Dubai

Regardless of the type of rental in Dubai you are interested in, it is necessary to locate them in order to review the agreement. Check out if the rental can satisfy all that you want. Normally you can find these rentals in Dubai through advertisements for homes, town houses and stay hotels for extended period. Even there are advertisements with the captions of rent apartment in Dubai or Dubai furnished apartments in local newspapers, radio and on television. You can also see rental guides for the particular areas where you are interested in renting apartment in Dubai. Once you get all the details about the rental in Dubai, the next thing is to set an appointment with those rental agencies.

Finding rental in Dubai on Internet

However, a quick and efficient medium to find a rental in Dubai is the internet. You can Google for "rental in Dubai", or "rent apartment Dubai" you will get huge list of top rentals in Dubai. If you specify the city and other regional details, you will go direct to the page where you can find Dubai furnished apartments right according to your specifications. Along with the list of rentals in Dubai you can also get the list of Dubai furnished apartments in specific areas on many websites. Mostly all websites offer the free listings and sometimes free ones provide more details than you may not even find on paid ones.

Sometimes you see "rent apartment Dubai" advertisements in local restaurants, malls and even in grocery stores. So finding notices on such bulletin boards can help you or your nearest ones who are looking for rental in Dubai for furnished apartments.
Daniel McCain is an expert real estate consultant associated with Halcon Real Estate, a Dubai-based international real estate firm that specializes in Dubai Real Estate.
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