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Buyers- DIY Home Inspections- You May Not Need a Hired Inspection- Save Money

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By : Gary Fuller    99 or more times read
By doing your own Home Inspection you will know your home better. You will learn the working components of the home. For example, testing the appliances, following the instructions on running the furnace and air conditioner, water heater, etc. These instructions, and how to's, are found in good DIY Inspection Reports.

When purchasing a DIY Home Inspection System, make sure it is more than just a "fill in the blanks" type check list. It should include good "how to" instruction to guide you through the home inspection. A DIY Inspection Report should give you detailed instruction on how to inspect ANY component or area in the home.

You will find most hired Home Inspectors have disclaimers built into their pre-inspection agreement and report. If an issue is found with their inspection, they will suggest it be further evaluated by a professional, to limit their liability. If you were performing your own inspection, and an issue is found, it is suggested to talk to your Realtor and/or Seller. If there are still unresolved issues, you could call a professional just as the Inspector would do. Or elect not to make an offer on the house.

Things to Remember when doing your own inspection:

It is a visual inspection only. If there is a need to see behind something, the seller should be asked to make the area accessible.

After testing the furnace/AC, reset the thermostat to where it was before the testing.

Electrical breakers should not be tripped. With electronics and computers in use today, tripped breakers may cause a major problem.

When testing GFCI receptacles, make sure they are all reset after testing. Freezers in garages are commonly on GFCI receptacles.

Leave the home exactly like you found it.
The BAIR (Building Analysis Inspection Report) System is a DIY Home Inspection System written by a retired Home Inspector who has completed over 7000 home and commercial inspections. It is designed to be thorough yet easy to follow. The information before each section should be read before inspecting. If you follow the system, and when you fill out your summary page your report will tell you what you need and want to know about the home.

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