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FSBO – The Hidden Dangers of Selling Your Own Home

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One of the aspects that home sellers overlook when selling their homes is the safety of having an independent representative show your home to strangers and screen buyers before they enter your property. The presence of a For Sale sign can indicate to criminals that a homeowner is more likely to allow them access to their property than otherwise. This can give people with criminal intent the opportunity to scope out a home for a future crime, steal things or even invade a home.

One of the things a real estate agent does is interview people for you to determine whether they are likely to buy your home. This includes getting copies of drivers’ licenses, names, addresses and other information, such as license plate numbers. This does several things: it deters would-be criminals, it helps capture a person who has committed a criminal act and it keeps a record in case someone is targeting people with homes for sale in the area.

While FSBO home owners are certainly urged to take down identifying information of the prospective buyers they allow to tour their home, the whole point of the exercise is partially negated since the people are already at the home and usually inside by the time such information is conveyed. By this time, a would-be criminal has already scoped out the house or committed some crime against the people living in it.

Another advantage of a real estate agent is the fact that they have an office to interview prospective buyers before they get near a property for sale. Most homeowners don’t have a neutral area to determine whether someone is serious about buying or is merely using the cover of interested buyer to gain access to a property for some other reason.

Real estate agents work a dangerous job, often touring isolated properties with people they don’t know at all and only have the assurance that someone at the office knows where they are and when to expect them back. There are many real estate agents who refuse to do open houses because of the personal risk. What are FSBO home owners doing, but constantly advertising an open house with few boundaries?

While FSBO looks good on the outset, if you have concerns about your security or your family’s safety, go with a real estate agent for peace of mind when selling your home.

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