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The Allure of Le Marche Property

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By : Simone Rossi    99 or more times read
Le Marche region reflects all the charm and the beauty of Central Italy. Located on the east side of the country, this wonderful territory raises with hills in central areas, up to the Appennini Mountains.

Lots of tourists visit Le Marche for its natural beauty and most of the spectacular mountains and country-side remain untouched by the excesses of the last Century. Its unique landscapes, mixed with the hospitality of its people, create a temptation to anybody visiting this area.

You can find everything: from the famous square of Ascoli Piceno to the great Conero Mountain, from Recanati to Urbino. Sun, mountains, sea and beaches, medieval towns, Skiing, climbing, cycling, Art, architecture, museums, castles and forts, Good food and superb wine. Many things you can do in this region.

Despite all its beauties and the great appeal this beautiful region generates to property investors, also in Le Marche recession was strong and the home market was hit by this terrible situation, but the prices are still competitive compared to strong other Italian regions like the famous Tuscany, always desired all over the world.

Many people seem to purchase on impulse, without actually taking the necessary precautions. To affect the progress of the housing market has not been just single a factor, but a multitude of causes economical-environmental, for example the downsizing of households. Budgets of families have been reduced, but people keep on looking for a good accommodation in a territory that offers so much.

Good news from North Europe: Sweden and other Scandinavian countries to help Le Marche gain positions against other regions. Bad news from Anglo-Saxons: US and UK show a decrease in their requests for Le Marche, due to the harsh recession of 2008.

The average price for a standing house to restore situated in the countryside is between €100.000 and €220.000. But you can find country ruins around €70.000. Great chances arrive from lesser-known Marche's territories such as Ostra Vetere, Carassai or Montalto, small and tranquil hill-top towns located in a beautiful scenario. Prices here are cheaper, in comparison with more famous sea towns as Senigallia or Fano. Specifically for English buyers, in the past was more convenient to buy with the euro-sterling currency exchange, so they had a good price and a good investment for their home.

According to, the unique Italian property portal listing solely homes in Italy for overseas buyers, the largest part of the enquiries for properties in Le Marche are from Belgium, with the 17% of contacts. Afterwards, Britain with 16% and Netherlands with 13%. The average value of the properties enquired in Le Marche is pretty over €250.000. People much prefer the properties in restored conditions, more requests for houses instead of apartments, with 2 or 3 bedrooms, a garden that faces contour, while the pool does not seem to get many preferences: maybe this choice is because Le Marche offers one of the best sea of the Mediterranean area, and not only this. Go and find out, only in Le Marche.
The author writes about the home market in Italy for the Italian property portal which lists also a good selection of homes for sale in Le Marche and properties in Umbria for overseas buyers.

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