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A Great Lesson For Dubai Property And Rent Apartments In Dubai

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By : John Marshel    99 or more times read
If we analyze the previous few months’ trend for Dubai property and rent apartments in Dubai, it will show a consistent growth graph. Beaten by a credit disaster and the ripple effect of world financial crisis, the Dubai property has demonstrated that it was as doubtful as the remaining of the global to the twin bogeys of depression and financial crash. In spite of the fact that the Dubai was the richest Emirate member with bulwarks of petroleum income and tourism dollar that has sustained the desert region, Dubai was quite a beating in global financial arena. However, this is not the whole story because there is still something to explore on the other side of the picture.

A clear look at Dubai economy can help you understand some additional traits of Dubai property. Prices for Dubai property had been highly inflated and real estate sector is concentrating its efforts and time over properties and rent apartments in Dubai. Many people are putting their money in Dubai property and focusing their all investment sensitive expenditure to get some future income through renting apartments in Dubai. This state of affairs has highly inflated the prices and demand for Dubai property. Principally, this little desert-land has become identical as any other place popular for lavish and opulent construction projects. Dubai property is defied particularly and clearly meant for the super rich.

When there was a global financial crash, the whole world was shocked as the apparently imperious Dubai property and financial market went into the downward steep. As Dubai property prices dropped, the investors twisted to dispose their rent apartments in Dubai to offload their investments. As Dubai government realized that such amendment was necessary, they realigned Dubai property prices and that is resulting positively to balance the demand and supply for rent apartment Dubai. It was nearly impossible to get a lavish villa on the beachfront. With jobs in emirates diminishing and visa laws not being open particularly for Expats, it made more sense to construct towers and buildings blocks for renting apartment in Dubai and offices for business professionals.

Constructing huge and lavish projects is not a wiser decision as these projects cannot reach their completion before the deadlines made by the government for the development and stability of Dubai property market. The super luxurious offshore islands and big brash projects for Dubai offices have begun giving way to more sensible constructions and it is more feasible to construct useful towers and buildings to rent apartments in Dubai and offices to realign the economy.

However the correction for Dubai property market need lots of efforts. The short term fallout is tough enough to weather. It is an acceptable fact that this short term effort will lead to the sustainability of Dubai property market in the longer run. In start it seems to be unpractical with Dubai property prices sometimes rises as much as 15 – 20% in one day. Now the situation is more practical and sensible. Dubai property market is now based upon tangible and sustainable foundations, and that is the only way to sustain the long term goals such as future paybacks of renting apartments in Dubai and lending portions in Dubai for Offices.

The overblown Dubai property market has learnt the great lesson. Now the businesses offering rent apartments in Dubai are using real catch words. For example if real estate professionals are promoting Dubai offices and properties with words like sustainability, affordability, locations and long term contracts.
John Marshel is a real estate expert with extensive knowledge of property market in Middle East and specifically in UAE.
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