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Finding the Right Time to Sell Your Home

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By : Aadi Sharma    99 or more times read
The right time to sell your home is definitely the time when the market prices are at the peak. But, this also reflects the fact that even you have also bought the home when the markets were at peak. Here lies the challenge.

Everything has its own season, so has the real estate market. Target to sell home when the number of buyers are maximum. The following information would give us an idea on the right time to sell your home.

Right Time to Sell Your Home to Earn Maximum Profits

  • Usually the most appropriate time to sell home would be the months of April and May. This is the time when the schools are closed and the weather is cosy. Families find the season to be perfect for hassle free shift. The selling market remains strong till the onset of the monsoons.

  • Though the weather is fine during the months of October and November, but that's the time of festivals and families are not much interested in house hunting and shifting during that time.

  • The winter season in our country is again highly convenient for selling house as many house hunters come out at this time to beat the heat of summers and water logged roads of monsoons.

The real estate market is always crowded with buyers throughout the year and hence, as a seller you need not have to worry much. Sometimes, the off-seasons like the very hot summer seasons or the festive seasons can also turn out to be the right time to sell your home. Let us find out how.

Why to Sell at Off-seasons

  • Though there would be lesser buyers in the market so would be the number of sellers. You would be facing less competition than otherwise.

  • You would also be able to sell your home quite quick. Since there would be less number of sellers in the market, the buyers would be open with lesser options and hence, it would become more easier for you to sell off your home.

  • As you would not be facing much competition, you can easily quote a decent price. Some desperate purchasers may not negotiate much as they are left with lesser choices.

So, choose the right time to sell your home by judging the quality of your home and the market trends.

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