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HOA's Rules: See to it You Can Live with Them before Buying a House

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By : Roby Hicks    99 or more times read
We consider many factors when purchasing a house. First, we make sure it is within our budget. It should be in a good location as well. And the property should be free of serious damages. One factor that is often overlooked is the HOA’s rules.

Understanding the HOA

HOA or the Homeowners Association is a part of any community. They are formulated to oversee the community, maintain a degree of uniformity of the houses and ensure that common areas like pools, roads, and other facilities are kept in good shape. In addition to these responsibilities, HOAs are also entitled to collect fees that will aid them in carrying out their responsibilities. In order to keep the community in order, rules have to be set. This normally depends on the mandate of developers and issues raised by residents.

The rules and their importance

Rules are essential in any organization and community. It is important to keep things in order. In the case of homeowners association, rules can vary from one association to another. Some are acceptable to others while some are not. HOA governs more rules than just the fees to be collected. They also decide how to use them. Moreover, they set rules on different factors like curfew, pets, use of amenities and more. This is why homebuyers have to check the rules first before they decide to purchase the house.

Reasons for checking HOA rules

Once you have purchased the house, you need to follow the rules set by the HOA you are part of. If you do not like the rules, it will be a burden to follow them. You will feel uncomfortable and you might even need to give up something you love to do. If you fail to follow them, you could get in trouble, your neighbors will hate you, you may be fined and you will probably face legal charges.

HOA rules you need to check

HOAs have many rules. Here are some you need to pay attention to:

  1. Check the membership fee. The fees vary from one HOA to another. You need to check this because this will be part of your budget. Some neighborhoods with great facilities and amenities have high membership fees. If it is too high for you, look for another neighborhood.

  2. How much freedom do you have over the property? Bear in mind that some developers want to preserve the look of the entire community. Because of this, some HOA have restrictions on what you can do to your home. This is not good news if you are someone who wants to personalize you home.

  3. You need to verify security systems and policies. If you are paying high membership fees, it is only right to expect better security procedures. You also need to learn about security procedures and policies especially if you do business at home. Your guests or clients might not be allowed to enter if you do not make previous arrangements.

HOAs are essential part of being a part of a community. Although such association mean well, you may not always agree with the rules they have set. This is why you need to check them first before you buy a house.
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