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What Happens in a Home Inspection?

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By : Sonia Smith    99 or more times read
A home inspection is a good idea and also a requirement when buying or selling a house. For homebuyers, a home inspection could probably save money on repairs, while for a seller on the other hand; it could mean a possible home sale.

A home inspector will check out the home thoroughly, from top to bottom and inside out. Home inspectors are generalists who need to know the different components and systems in a home and how they work.

Home inspections usually take two to four hours, depending on the home size. Here are things you should expect during a home inspection.

  1. The home inspector takes not of the age of the home structure, damage or possible damage and will be able to suggest effective solutions to help get the house ready for sale.

  2. The home inspector will check out the home exterior and the building foundation, roof flashings, roof support structure, gutters, coverings and garage.

  3. The interior or the homes will be inspected such as the attic, electrical systems, insulation quality, air and heating systems, doors, windows, plumbing, water heaters and appliances.

  4. The crawl spaces and basement will also be inspected.

Since a home inspector does not remove any items even if they are hindering the inspection process, a home seller should see to it to remove all items near or in the windowsills, items directly in front of fireplaces and ensures that there is no blockage to the electrical panel.

Furthermore, sufficient space should also be provided to be able to check out the water heater and furnace. Clear access to a crawl space.

Home inspectors do not reset a water heater turned off or a circuit breaker that is turned off. If this is purposely done, make sure to leave a not to the home inspector about it.

Inspectors do not do destructive testing and they do not have X-ray visions either, thus you should not expect the report to include the condition of each nail, pipe or wire in the house.

The primary concern of a home inspector is to point out safety-related problems or adverse conditions of a home instead of cosmetic and small items, which are readily obvious to homebuyers.

Home inspections are not codes of compliance and furthermore, a home inspector does not inspect unreachable areas in a home. Thus, a buyer should not expect the report to serve as a guarantee that the components of a home will never fail or need repair at certain times in the future.

A report will be given to you several days after the home inspection is done. There is often a summary on items discovered. However, do not worry on a long list of items discovered since this is just normal in a home inspection. This enables you to identify in advance what to expect.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect home, no matter how grand it is. Nevertheless, there is always a solution to every problem and a home needs regular repair and maintenance every now and then.
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