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Tips in Preparing Children for Moving

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By : Sonia Smith    99 or more times read
A move or relocation could be dramatic for adults and more for children. Moving to a different state or city could be stressful to kids. As a parent, ensure that you look for ways to help your children deal with moving.

With a bit of planning, you could minimize the trauma of moving your children from their home to a new house. Involving them in the preparations and packing helps ease the tension and anxiety about moving.

Here are tips to help your children prepare for a move.

  1. Start your relocation by explaining to your children why it is necessary. Keep in mind that their reaction will differ, thus you should allow an open environment to express how they feel. Listen carefully to what they have to say and respond suitably.

  2. Introduce the new home to your kids by providing maps, photos, information on the new school and community website. Give them specific information regarding local schools, entertainment and neighborhood activities. Encourage them to join the investigation of the new neighborhood to make them more excited about moving.

  3. Before moving, plan a going-away party and invite all their friends. Let each child give a piece of advice to your kids for their first day in their new school.

  4. Time your move in summer to make it easier for children to adjust to the new school. Nevertheless, if it is not possible, consider asking a relative or close friend to house them until the end of the school year.

  5. Assume that all your kids’ toys, clothes, furniture and other things would be put in boxes and taken to the new house. Walk around with your children in the house, point out things, and tell them those are going to the new home. This is especially helpful for very young children who have no idea what is going on.

  6. Allow children to choose their most important items to make them feel comfortable with the thought that they could access to these familiar items anytime while everything else is removed.

  7. Make moving fun for children by spending one night in a hotel with an indoor pool, go to kid-friendly restaurants, go roller skating or watch a movie.

  8. Try to find something good, new and different in the new town and play it up. Look for a home with a recreation room or buy a trampoline for a bigger backyard. Sign up your kids for classes at the Children’s Theater. Give the new home something that the old does not have.

  9. Before you fix up your new home, let your kids redecorate their rooms first. Let them choose the color of paint and new bedspreads. Providing them a place they can call their own will do wonders in helping them settle in the new home.

  10. Upon arriving in your new home, begin exploring the area with your children. This helps them feel like they are on vacation.

These tips should be able to help your children through the entire moving process smoothly.
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