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More Lawyers Needed to Help Homeowners Facing Florida Foreclosures

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By : John Cutts    99 or more times read
An Associated Press report showed Jacksonville, Florida foreclosures rising in May 2010 by 57% compared with April. When compared with May 2009, the rise is at 42%. This means that more residential property owners are losing, or about to lose, their homes to foreclosures. This also means that more people are in need of legal assistance from lawyers who knew all about the foreclosure market.

Households who receive notices of home foreclosures are commonly advised to seek legal assistance. In Jacksonville, Florida, those who do not have the means to hire an attorney usually approach the Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA) where they can avail of pro bono or free legal assistance. However, lawyers at JALA admit that, with foreclosures continuing to rise in number, the association is always in need of additional help.

People who wish to buy house auctions for sale can find a lot of foreclosed properties in Florida as the state continue to suffer from high foreclosure rates. JALA attorneys reveal that a lot of homeowners in the area who are facing potential foreclosures have approached their offices for help. These homeowners are provided assistance based on the strength of their defenses.

JALA often provides pro bono assistance to homeowners facing Florida foreclosures who cannot afford to hire a lawyer and whose situation merits a loan modification or some other mitigation steps. Those who cannot be accommodated by JALA are usually recommended to the Lawyer Referral Service.

According to lawyers at JALA, although they have a strong team that specializes in handling foreclosure cases, the high number of bank REO house foreclosures in Jacksonville means that more homeowners are requiring help each day. Because of this, the group is seeking other lawyers who can volunteer and provide some of their time to represent these homeowners.

The group also states that if lawyers cannot volunteer or provide pro bono assistance due to conflicts in schedule or in interest, they can still offer some help in some other ways. JALA also reveals that pro bono legal practitioners for the group are protected by the association's professional liability insurance whenever they represent a client whose concern is related to Florida foreclosures.
John Cutts has been educated in the finer points of the foreclosure market over 5 years.

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