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Flipping Houses - What You Need To Know

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By : Diane Goldburg    99 or more times read
A great way to make money in the current economic downturn is by flipping houses. Houses right now are going for very cheap money. Many homeowners are going into foreclosure and losing their homes to the banks, while others are selling their houses for much less than they bought them for. This is a sad time for those people losing their homes, however it is a great time for flipping houses. For someone interested in flipping houses, the time is right to make some serious money.

When flipping houses, you buy homes that are in need of minor repair, fix them up, and then sell them for more than you paid. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is, for the most part. The first thing someone interested in flipping houses needs to do is find a house worthy of the flip. That means that the house must be selling for much less than it would be worth if it were in a better condition. Maybe the house has older wood flooring that needs to be repaired and polished. That is a simple fix that can really improve the look of a home. Maybe a bathroom update is in store, or the walls need to be fixed and painted. These are small things that are cheap to fix.

The next thing to think about when flipping houses is how long it will take to get the repairs done. You do not want to be stuck in a mortgage for a home for too long when flipping houses. The idea is to buy the house, fix it up and sell it as quickly as possible to turn a profit. The last thing to think about with flipping houses is if you will make enough profit in the end. You will buy the house, put money into it to fix it up, then sell it. How many thousands will you make in the time it takes to repair the home and sell it? This is why flipping houses is so appealing.

In this market, flipping houses is a great way to make money. Buying a house for $100,000, sinking $10,000 into it in repairs and then selling it a few months down the road for $125,000, means a profit of $15,000. Sometimes you will make more, and other times less. When flipping houses you are not guaranteed a profit margin, or a profit at all. However, the risk is often worth it. The time is right for flipping houses. Don't wait until the market is booming again, act now!
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