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A Stance on Rentals in Dubai and Properties for Sale

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By : Daniel McCain    99 or more times read
Year 2009 brought many changes, modifications and improve elements in the market of Dubai property for sale and renting apartment in Dubai. It has become more than obvious that earlier period of boom that was seen over the last six years has come to an end. Now the market for Dubai properties for sale is clearly in a downward spiral. Everyone is trying to speculate and figure it out when Dubai property will bottom out. Many experts are expecting that some of the lowest price levels for sale and rentals in Dubai will be seen in the month of March or April of coming year. Some of the gurus of Dubai properties for Sale are even lying face down to equate the crises of Dubai property and financial crises to the greater crises of USA and other parts of world is facing currently.

Although the events in USA don’t seem to be in relations with UAE, in expert's point of view the recovery in USA is likely to be followed by a recovery in market of Dubai properties for Sale and rent. There is a straight psychological connection in markets of properties rentals in Dubai i.e. recovery in USA is likely to encourage the investor confidence in Dubai properties for sale.

The delay in USA had not affected Dubai properties for sale enough before now but the mismanagement of Dubai world debt repayment issue was one of the factors that has dampened the sentiments of the buyers, sellers and even those prospects who were interested to rent apartments in Dubai. Therefore, there is a need of some extraordinary efforts to rebuild the confidence of investors who are really interested in Dubai properties for sale or the others who are interested in renting apartments in Dubai as well.

Too much has come to pass already if we analyze the pattern of Dubai property market. The Dubai Government's initial support, then persistent denial to bail out Dubai World sent diverse and mystifying indications all over the investment world, many questioning if the Dubai Government was itself going bankrupt. Not anything could be additional from the reality, as both the Government of Dubai and the Dubai World entity have sufficient assets to conveniently pay off entire burden of liabilities accordingly.

Simultaneously, villas, marine residences and rent apartment in Dubai that are located tactically close to the malls, retail shops and restaurant with ready way in to the region are imposing improved prices and rentals in Dubai as compared to the other properties. The rate of occupancy here regarding rentals in Dubai properties was also improved. In the meantime the prices for Dubai properties for sale have suffered a larger fall than rates of rentals in Dubai and the average decline is 40 percent. It is expected that prices for Dubai properties for sale will start to become stable when all projects near finishing point.

The great news for occupants who want to rent apartment in Dubai is that prices for rentals in Dubai are not likely to increase in the short term as Dubai properties for sale regulates to varying rates of labor movement and additional units come into the market.
Daniel McCain is an expert real estate consultant associated with Halcon Real Estate, a Dubai-based international real estate firm that specializes in Dubai Real Estate of all types.
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