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Are Loft Condos Practical?

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By : Andy Asbury    99 or more times read
Question: I like the look and idea of lofts, but are they practical on a day-to-day basis?

Answer: The design of a loft home is definitely contemporary. The concrete or brick walls, open floor plans, huge windows and timber pillars connote the “tearing down of walls” between tradition and experimentation. On the other hand, loft homes were borne out of struggling artists in New York City who, unable to afford separate homes and studios, took advantage of abandoned warehouse spaces and were willing to rough it. In that sense, the concept in origin was about as practical as you can get!

I am a real estate agent in Minnesota where our weather extremes are about as severe as you can get. Minnesota is more well-known for its winters than summers, but some of our summers get really hot! Honestly, an artist who could rough the weather of New York might not last long here. As a result, our markets have favored the modern luxury loft home. Both hard and soft lofts exist.

Since it is summer, consider the issue of air conditioning. Interestingly, many loft owners I know hardly ever use air conditioning even though they probably could afford to do so. Actually, the big ceilings and openness of lofts, together with concrete floors and walls, promote a natural coolness which is great in the summer. When they do choose to use air conditioning, they use it only when they are home and only for a couple of hours at a time. With a ceiling fan and a good floor fan, the home stays pretty comfortable.

If the summer heat is a concern to you, and you are looking for a loft, try to visit some street-level listings which of course will benefit from the shade of trees. Also, look for a property where the duct work is placed alongside the mezzanine (upper room), if there is one. A mezzanine is the one place in a loft that can get moderately stuffy, so you will want to be able to cool it down quickly.

Are lofts practical? The loft home compact implies a willingness to make some moderate sacrifices in order to achieve an open and inviting look. Indeed, a 1,100 square foot loft can have the function of an 800 square foot condo because the pillars and posts can get in the way. On the other hand, those materials add character. The payoff is a living space where it’s easy to move furniture and create temporary rooms for infinite experimentation and variety. In my opinion, the answer to the question depends on mindset and attitude.
Andy Asbury is an Article Writer and Urban Realtor in the Twin Cities dedicated to helping buyersfind Minneapolis condos that are just right for them.Find Minneapolis condos and learn more about Minneapolis' historic neighborhoods on Andy's comprehensive condo web site,

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