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Feel Safe and Install a Home Security System

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If you or someone that you know have fallen victim to a burglary, then you will feel much safer if you install a home security system. According to statistics from the FBI, a burglary occurs in the United States once every fifteen seconds. A home security system can give you an added layer of security, even if your home is part of a neighborhood watch program. A home security system helps to protect you, your family and your property.

Protection Indoors and Outdoors
The optimal home security system works to protect you both indoors and outdoors. Most indoor home security systems are installed at the windows and the doors, and they basically check for two occurrences, signs of movement inside the home and open doors or windows. Indoor systems for home security work with motion sensors and are operated using a keypad that allows you to turn your alarm on or off. Outdoor security systems monitor the grounds of your property, and work to turn on floodlights when there is movement. Outdoor systems may also include a driveway guard that will help to safeguard your vehicles.

Features to Look For
There are tons of options on the market when it comes to installing a home security system, including options that you can install on your own and those that are installed by a professional company that also provides round-the-clock monitoring. A single home security system should be able to provide you with protection from burglary, theft, and vandalism, as well as from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Look for a home security system that provides critical condition monitoring as well, which can include flood detection and freeze protection for your plumbing.

You can also have personal emergency protection when you install your home security system, although it will cost you more. This type of monitoring provides access to the help that is needed by seniors or others who are limited in mobility or in failing health; it can be accessed from anywhere in the home any time of the day or night just by pushing a button that is usually located on a waterproof, bracelet-like device that has a two-way intercom. Many of these devices work as far as 300 feet from the source receiver and provide great peace of mind if you have to leave an aging parent behind while you work.

Another popular feature offered by many home security companies is video surveillance of your home from anywhere that you are in the world. This allows you to see who is at your home before you open the door, or let's you check on the safe arrival of your teen children home from school without even picking up the phone. You can even view video surveillance in real time from your cell phone or PDA from wherever you are.

Discount on Homeowner's Insurance
There's also a financial incentive for you to install this type of system in your home. If you install a home security system, chances are good that your homeowner's insurance policy will be reduced. Be sure to let your agent know that you have installed a system so that you can qualify for the discount.
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