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When to Re-shingle Your Roof

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Your roof shingles will not last forever. At some point, you will need to replace them. It may not be soon but you need to learn how to replace them, just in case. There are different factors that will damage them. They can be damaged by the weather and other factors. Your shingles may not be that sturdy as well, which requires them to be replaced occasionally. You will need to inspect your roof regularly to know when to replace some of these shingles.

Many shingles have ten to thirty years warranty. However, not all are able to last that long. In fact, there are instances where you need to replace a shingle after a few months of installation because it is broken. This is why you have to check your roof regularly. This is important so that you will be able to replace them right away.

There are a few things you need to look for. Check the roof for loose shingles because of adhesive problems. Look at broken shingles and gaps between them.


Plan the project first before you replace them. It would be best to do them during the dry season. This way, it will be easier to check the roof. You should also have the details of the areas that have shingle problems. Take note of where they are so that you will not need to look for them when you go up there. In addition to that, it will also be safer to step on your roof. But before you climb up there, make sure that you observe all safety precautions. Wear the right type of shoes to avoid slipping. You will also need a rope and other safety devices to avoid any form of accident.

Prepare the tools you will need as well. You will need a nail gun, a shingle-cutting blade and a shingle remover. Before buying shingles, you will need to measure the area that needs re-shingling. Measure them first to make sure you do not fall short. Measuring the area will prevent you from making unnecessary trips to the store.


Inspect your roof first. This is very important, as there could still be holes on the roof, leaks or small openings. Such openings can lead to leaking. So before you replace the shingles, see to it that everything is sealed. Bear in mind that although these are small openings, it can still lead to leakage of your home.

Before you install the shingles, remove the old shingles first and inspect if the boards are still in good shape. If they are rotten, you will need to replace them. Do not install the new shingles unless you have removed the old ones. Your shingles will not be installed properly if the old ones are still there.

Lay the felt paper on the roof and weatherproof it. After that, use your nail gun to install the shingles. See to it that you install them properly and arrange them carefully. Have an expert check your work especially if you are doing this for the first time. You can also refer to online videos for help.

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