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Self Credit Repair - What Credit Repair Companies DON'T Want You to Know!

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By : Matthew Wierzbinski    99 or more times read

Just about everything you read online about credit repair is information that has been placed there, either directly or indirectly, by big companies that want to repair your credit for you. They may publish useful information, but they have a vested interest in completely over-complicating the topic. The purpose of the information they have spread all over the Internet (and you've probably already read a great deal of it without even realizing it) is to direct traffic right through their doors. They want the average American consumer to throw up their hands and utterly despair of ever getting their credit fixed in any simple or inexpensive manner.

But don't be fooled by the flood of information you've found online. Self credit repair, though not exactly a simple process, is completely doable. I have seen plenty of people have great success by simply creating credit repair letters corresponding to the items they wanted to dispute on their credit reports.

Those credit dispute letters don't have to be perfect, and they don't have to be original. You can certainly use any of the great variety of Credit Repair letter templates available online. Simply tailor them to the accounts you want to dispute and send them to the credit bureaus your accounts are reporting through. And if you want to increase the effectiveness of your credit dispute letters, try switching up the font in them or even altering some of the grammar here and there. That will help the credit bureau to realize that these letters are in fact unique so they won't disregard them or assume they are junk mail.

There is no need to pay exorbitant fees to have so-called professionals repair your credit for you. All they are going to do is create those letters for you, so why pay them to do what you can do for yourself for only the cost of the postage?

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