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Tips on How to Move with your Pets

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By : Flynna Jones    99 or more times read
Pets are just like any other living creatures that need ultimate care when moving from one habitat to the other. There are basically three important steps to consider when moving into a new dwelling place with a pet in tow.

Planning Stage Ė Like in any moving in our moving out process, there has to be a clear cut plan as to how to go about with the entire activity, more so that you have a pet in tow.

Prior to any start of any moving activity you should acknowledge and understand that your pet should be your utmost priority. One should likewise understand that any change of environment will automatically and consequentially result to adjustment. That is the reason why there has to be clear-cut plan on how to go about with the moving in and moving out activities. The main aim always and at all times should be that the petís living condition must not be drastically and abruptly change, because if such occurs, it will surely greatly affect your petís physical and mental condition.

In the planning process, the utmost consideration is the physical well-being of your pet. There has to be a physical preparation prior to the actual transfer of location. As the pet owner, you should be aware your pets vital signs such as temperature, reaction towards unfamiliar environment, eating habits, aggressiveness and even physical movements. This will determine if your pets are under stress while doing the moving activity.

Your plan therefore should include when to transfer giving due consideration to the physical condition of your pet, the mode by how you are going to transfer your pet? Will it be through a truck, a personal vehicle of through pet courier.

Actual Moving Ė The actual moving is the most critical stage in the entire activity. Hence, this should be carefully prepared. Especially with how the pet will be mobiled through the new place. Some pets are very sensitive with anything in motion. Some pets easily get nauseous when they are placed in any mobile vehicle. Thus, the pet should be comfortable enough during the entire travel. The carriage where the pet will be carried through should be well secured, comfortable and placed properly at a corner of the vehicle. This must not be fully closed where the pet can only see darkness because this will institute fear and claustrophobia. It is recommended that such carriage be positioned near a vehicle window so that the pet can vividly see the environment he is passing through. Finally, the speed of the moving vehicle should likewise be moderate so it will not make the pet dizzy.

New Place/habitat for the pet - Any change in environment for any pet will automatically require adjustments thus giving undue stress to the petís current condition. Hence, the new place/habitat for your pet should at all time not be a complete deviation of its existing home in which he is already familiar with. Otherwise, this will cause disorientation on the petís well-being. It does not mean however, that the new place that the pet will be transferred to shall be a complete duplication of his existing dwelling but place, but at least those major elements (such as the placement of his feeding bowl, urinal, crib) should be similarly arranged with what he is familiar with.

In the final analysis, moving with pets should always be as delicate as mobbing in with infants.
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