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Oswego Rental House Aims for Home Inspection Certification

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By : John Cutts    99 or more times read
A rental dwelling in Oswego, New York might acquire a home inspection certification if efforts to bring it up to city code continue. The house owned by Patricia and Marcel Morrisseau was inspected by Pat Kelly, City Housing Inspector for Oswego, following neighbor complaints about cockroach infestation in the premises. After the inspection, the landlord was ordered by the city's Code Enforcement Department to do something about the infestation and clean up the whole premises.

According to local neighborhood reports, it all started when a neighbor found insects in his property and bagged a sample and brought it to Kelly's office. The neighbor was told that the insect was a German cockroach. After the neighbor report, Code Enforcement Director Neal Smith ordered containment of the infestation at the rental residence. Smith stated though that there is no standard rule with regards to informing neighbors if there is a city-directed insect chemical treatment near their premises.

Neal was reportedly told by the exterminator hired to conduct the chemical treatment at the rental house that the amount of insecticide used on the Morrisseau property was more than had ever been used before in any other property. Reports also stated that for the dwelling to get a home inspection certification, one visit from the exterminator would not be enough. The exterminator has reportedly claimed that the Oswego infestation was one of the worst he has ever witnessed and he would need to return and conduct another treatment at the rental home.

Insecticides used for the rental dwelling included Orthene, which was used on the house's interior, and Transport, which was sprayed at the exterior of the house. The exterminator also used a so-called "cockroach birth control" and growth regulator called Nygard. FMC Corp., the firm that handles the insecticide Transport, has suggested removing possible water and food sources and regularly disposing garbage as ways of controlling the growth of residential pests.

Meanwhile, councilor Connie Cosemento has stated that she is working with other local agencies to get the infestation problem under control. Efforts to make dwellings earn their home inspection certification and get their premises up to par with city codes have also been launched.
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