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Learning the Process of Buying Distressed Properties

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By : Flynna Jones    99 or more times read
There are a lot of properties for sale nowadays which are under the distressed properties group. They are houses which have undergone foreclosure or short sale houses. When you talk of short sales, the owner can no longer pay the mortgage but the lender, instead of having the property foreclosed, he sells the property at a cheaper cost; lower than the amount owed.

Lenders are very eager to sell these properties. Most of these houses can be purchased at a certain rate of what they have paid in the last five years. Purchasing distressed houses have various factors involved than the conventional home selling. This will require more documents, which are the main cause of the delay in the processing of ownership. Hence, a lot of home buyers would stay away from getting these distressed houses.

However, if you have completely understood the probable disadvantages of getting a distressed house, then go and get a real estate agent that is experienced in this type of deal. Nowadays, this is said to be the best time to buy distressed properties since the rates are low and there are so many houses available in the market.

If you really want to buy a distressed property, always remember that you would have to go through a complicated buying procedure. Because homeowners would want the house to be disposed immediately, you will surely end up getting a poorly-maintained home.

Before you finalize everything, have the house inspected first. This will help you assess if you are indeed buying the right house. Home inspection process will reveal to you the true condition of a particular property. You will know the probable problems and home improvements you might need in the future.

Get the real value of the house in the current market. You can check its tax records, and compare other similar properties. You would need the help of the professionals when you do this. You can consult a lawyer or realtor so you will have a complete understanding of what you are about to enter into. Be a wise home buyer and do not just jump into something you are not sure of.

Avoid getting attracted to distressed property simply because of the cheap selling price. Of course, since the house has been through series of terrible cases, it would definitely have a lower value compared to those good ones. You have to make sure that the house you are getting will satisfy your needs and lifestyle. Never attempt to buy a property just because you like it. Evaluate every factor that is involved.

Distressed properties can be cheap but these houses come with various elements which would really test your patience. When you want to buy one, prepare yourself for everything that can happen along the way. This will not be that smooth sailing compared to buying a regular house. But then, at the end of the buying process, the house will still be yours.
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