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What to Keep in Mind When Moving with Pets

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By : Roby Hicks    99 or more times read
You have to deal with several things when moving. You need to pack. You will also need to deal with the disconnection of utility services in your home. In addition to that, you have to schedule the moving company as well as arrange for utility connections to your new home. Although it is important to take care of these things, you also have to be reminded of those who will move with you. This includes your pets.

You will need to take care of a lot of things when moving with pets. It is important that you identify them beforehand so that you can make arrangements ahead of time. In addition to the necessary preparations, you should know how to transport them and help them adjust to the new house.

What are the things you need to prepare?

You need to identify the things needed to move your pets. Here are some tips:

  1. Identify the state rules and regulations regarding entry of pets. Check with the city and the homeowners’ association as well. Find out what the requirements are so that you can acquire them. File for the necessary permits as well.

  2. How are you going to move your pets? This will depend on the type of pets you have. There are pets you can transport by yourself. If you need help, you can contact a pet moving service because moving companies are not allowed to transfer pets.

  3. Do not forget to visit your vet and have your pets checked. You need to be sure that your pets are fit to travel. A clearance from a vet is also required in most areas. Moreover, you can ask for guidelines from your vet regarding moving with pets.

  4. Do the paper works ahead of time. As mentioned earlier, you need to accomplish all the requirements and permits especially when moving to a new state. If you have exotic animals, see to it that all the necessary documents for them to be transported are ready.

  5. Make sure that your pats have identification tags. Bring some of their recent photos with you as well. You might lose your pets while relocating.

When transporting your pets, you need to be very careful. If you will not transfer them, ask a pro to do it. The pet moving service can facilitate this. You can rest assured that they will take care of your pets and provide them with what they need during the trip.

A carrier is also important to have. To make sure that it is comfortable for your pet, see to it that it is spacious enough for your pet to be able to sit, stand and lie down. It should also be well ventilated with absorbent lining. In addition to that, it should be accessible in case of an emergency.

Help your pet adjust to the new home

Just like you, your pet will need time to get used to their new home. Help them by making them feel more comfortable. Provide them with a comfortable space. Place familiar items there like their blanket and toys and play with them.

Moving with pets is challenging. However, everything will be easier if you have planned all of them.
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