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Differentiating Buyers' Agent from Sellers' Agent

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A home is a major investment. This is why we want to make sure that everything goes smoothly during the purchasing process. It is likely to encounter issues during the course of the transaction. This is due to the number of processes we have to deal with. This is why real estate agents are necessary. They can make the entire process a lot easier. We do not have to deal with the paper works because our agent is going to take care of that for us. We can also turn to an agent if we wish to sell our home. Sellers’ agents will help us sell our home for the best value.

A real estate agent has a lot of responsibilities. His job is not as easy as what people think. It requires a lot of patience and diligence. He has to be detailed oriented as well to ensure that all the documents and requirements are checked and corrected. They have to be updated with the market as well.

They have the duty to stay true to their clients. In addition to that, agents will assist them to ensure that the transaction they will enter will go smoothly. As mentioned earlier, home purchase is complex, not only for the buyer but also for the seller. Both parties have interests, which need to be protected. It is their agent’s duty to make sure their clients are well represented.

The role of the buyers’ agent

Buyer’s agent should make sure that the buyer is guided in their purchase. They can only do this if he listens to his needs and preferences. The agent has to learn about the budget of his client. If he does not know it yet, he will help him determine the properties he can afford. He should know what his client wants so that he will be able to present homes that meet the buyer’s criteria.

There are several steps may confuse the buyer. An agent is essential to explain to him why such steps are necessary. He shall also help his client in decision making when problems arise. Buyers should know their options. In addition to that, the agent is tasked to help him choose the best option even if it is the discontinuing the transaction.

The agent shall represent the buyer in many events. He will make the offer for the buyer and negotiate with the seller on his behalf. Moreover, he should also make sure that what has been orally agreed is implemented. This includes repairs demanded by the buyer. It is his job to prepare the necessary documents to carry out the agreement. He should also respond to the other parties if necessary, to ensure that the conditions are met.

The role of the sellers’ agent

Sellers have agents too. Their agent is bound to protect their interest as well. It is important that these agents are loyal and truthful to their clients. They have to help the sellers sell their property for the best value. They will give advices on how the value of the property can be improved. In addition to that, they will help them attract more buyers and sell the property for the best deal.

A home is an important asset. It is only right that you are well guided when making decisions about it.
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