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Repair Credit - But Learn How to Time it First!

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By : Matthew Wierzbinski    99 or more times read

To get the most out of your credit repair process, you need to time your credit repair efforts properly. People aren't always in a position to do this because most of the time people simply need to get it done because they have been procrastinating about it for far too long. As a general rule, then, the best time to fix credit is NOW. Just get it done.

However, if you have a fair amount of outstanding collections and old bad debt, you could do yourself some favors. If the debts are quite old, then you might be wise not to dispute them because after 7 years of no activity, they should just go away on their own. Disputing the accounts could actually reactivate them. If you pay the accounts, you could also reactivate them, thus giving the creditor more time to keep reporting them against you. If the accounts have a zero balance, then you could go ahead and dispute them because getting old zero balance collections removed from your report can and will greatly improve your credit profile. Do NOT hesitate to dispute collections or bad accounts that have no balances on them. Generally, creditors won't respond to that kind of dispute since you don't owe them anything. Then, when they donít respond, the account is deleted and that is a good thing for you.

If you have small collections that you are able to pay off, you should go ahead and pay them off. Immediately after you pay them off, go ahead and dispute them. You might just get lucky and the creditor might not respond to the dispute since they will see that the account has been paid. It could also happen that the creditor will update your balance to zero more quickly than if the account was left to get updated on its own.

If you are going through a bankruptcy, donít do credit repair until it is discharged. If you are making payments on bad debt, donít do credit repair until the accounts are paid in full. If it is a judgment you are paying on, donít dispute the judgment until you have completely paid it off.

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