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Top 10 Home Staging Tips for Real Estate Professionals

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By : Karen Murray    99 or more times read
Proper staging of a property can make the difference between a sale and an expired listing. Your professional expertise and tools of the trade should include some basic staging knowledge. That should include what NOT to do, too. Here are the Top 10 Staging No-Noís for real estate professionals:

  1. Clothing or any personal items on display.

  2. Owners present during showing.

  3. Pets present (or not present, but obvious by odor, pet hair, etc.) during showings.

  4. Furniture, accessories, paint, area rugs or artwork that is too ďfar out.Ē The home and every feature of the home should appeal to the widest audience.

  5. Valuables, including jewelry, guns, stamp or coin collections, etc. in plain view. This is a security and safety issue. Have the homeowner put valuables in storage or a safe deposit box, or at least keep them out of sight.

  6. Use of a spare bedroom as a ďstorage room.Ē Show each room for its highest and best use.

  7. Hiding damaged flooring with a throw rug, damaged walls with artwork, etc. Itís best to repair the problem, but if the owner is unwilling or unable to do that, donít hide it.

  8. Closed drapes and lights off. Dark rooms are a turn-off and once inside, you have missed that first impression opportunity. Make sure that the drapes are open and all the lights are on to present a warm, inviting home.

  9. Refrigerator bulletin boards. Clean off the magnets, notes, artwork and photos. A clean refrigerator will bring more shine to the kitchen and make the kitchen feel more spacious.

  10. Antlers, stuffed animal heads, or anything that might offend or appall any prospective buyer.

Maybe these seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many homeowners do not realize how a prospective buyer perceives their home (and their decorating!)

Do your client a favor and be kind, but firm, and let them know what changes need to be made in order to sell their home quickly and for the best possible price. In the end, they will appreciate you more and refer their friends and relatives.
Karen Murray has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. She was the designated broker and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a large home builder and has also worked in general real estate as a successful listing agent. Karen is now co-owner of Renewal Zone, an online real estate school, offering fully approved online renewal classes.

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