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Blogging Effectively to Promote Yourself as an Agent

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By : M Shane    99 or more times read
You may be considering adding a blog to your website in order to get higher rankings on Google and hopefully capture the interest of people who are looking in your area for homes. If you’ve never had a blog before, you may be wondering if it’s worth it and what you should write for good effect.

Blogs are great as far as search engines go, because if you write unique content, it makes your site seem fresh and up-to-date to the bots that regularly crawl your site, looking for clues to how to rank you. However, they aren’t just a vehicle for your latest listings. People can go to the MLS for listings, but only from you, they can get a unique perspective on your profession and what drives it – real estate.

What people are looking for is empowerment. They desperately want a genuine voice that tells them all about the mysterious world of ARMs and tax credits and home inspections. This may all be old-hat to you, but for many people it’s a completely new world and if you can make it a little more comprehensible, they will look to you for advice and, hopefully, a new home.

What to blog about – there are so many choices. Anything and everything is fair game, but if you’re trying to attract a certain type of customer, it makes sense to blog about what that customer is interested in. If you’re going for the first time buyers, having a plethora of “Introduction to X Aspect of Real Estate” posts will help them find you. If vacation home owners are more your thing, plenty of emphasis on the leisure activities in your area and the legal ramifications of owning a second home would be more in your line.

Don’t think that you have to completely ignore your listings. If you can impart interesting facts that are illustrated by your listing, by all means post it. Delve into the architectural details of the Victorian age when you have a genuine ‘gingerbread home’ in your listings or point out the hot spots for shopping and dining are near one of your condo units. With a little imagination, you can make each listing an interesting part of the community you work in.

Be passionately interested in local events and news. People are what make real estate valuable and people want to know what other people are doing in their neighborhood (or the one that they are considering moving to). Events can affect the value of real estate in your area – is there a new mall being built? A park being created? Let people know! Your entire livelihood is wrapped up in the people of your community – get involved.

Blogging to market your website and your business is more than just scribbling a few words about real estate – it should be a manifestation of your service and your interest in your community and those who live in it. By making real estate seem more attainable for your target buyers, you will maximize your chances of appealing to them.

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