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By : M Shane    99 or more times read
Thanks to the popular media we are well aware of the struggling housing market. And there's nothing like a crisis for bringing hordes of 'experts' out from the woodwork - witness the amount of advice currently being banded about, regarding the buying and selling of homes.

Depending on which articles you read, websites you visit or TV shows you watch, foreclosures are either an amazing opportunity for first-time buyers, or a definite no-no for those about to embark on their first steps to home-ownership.

Smaller properties are where the smart money is, according to some sources. Conversely, larger houses may be a sound investment in the current financial climate.

Shared, or fractional, ownership is a superb way of consolidating joint equity and an ideal way to buy a home in these uncertain times. Alternatively, it is pit of deadly vipers and you would be strongly advised against getting onto the property ladder this way.

And those of us trying to sell a property just can't get enough advice, apparently.

We're being told by some industry insiders to slash the price for a trouble-free sale. Others are quick to inform us that the wisest sellers are successfully holding onto their prices, and biding their time to avoid seeming desperate.

It's astonishing just how many interior design aficionados there are out there in these times of need.

Want to know about buyer-friendly color schemes, or surefire ways to improve curb appeal? Is it better to brew a fresh pot of coffee, or have a few loaves baking in the oven when potential buyers come to view? There's a glut of essential information out there and, thank goodness, there are countless professional home stagers simply guaranteeing to make your house eminently more sellable. No one ever asks what these pundits were doing to earn a crust during the housing boom, when their 'skills' weren't quite so in demand, but it's good news that they're here now to dispense their impartial wisdom, for a well-earned fee.

You can save lots of money too, by selling your house privately. It's simple - just follow the advice of those telling you how easy it is! Again, the opposite is also true, and there are those in the know who cannot stress enough just how important it is to use an experienced agent.

Of course, much of the advice out there is extremely useful and in most cases, pretty accurate, one way or another. But everybody's circumstances differ and no single answer will suit all situations, so it's probably best to look into every option in detail, seek advice from a number of sources and proceed with caution.

But don't take our word for it.

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