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Home Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Buying a New Home

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By : Jayson Gibson    99 or more times read
There are some very attractive options for buyers looking to purchase a home in California. In addition to options, current interest rates and home prices make the possibility of owning a home. Here are a few tips that can help you make a good decision when purchasing your new home in California. Use these tips as a loose guide of “things to consider” before beginning your search for a new house.

  • Before you begin your property search, please determine the type of property you want to buy. There are several options - single-family homes, condominiums, row homes, custom homes, luxury residences, villas and more. Learn the differences of each and then decide what suits you best; be sure to consider both your wants and needs.

  • Once you decide on the type of property you want to buy, look for builder advertisements and purchase incentives, doing so will ensure you get the best deal on your new home. You can search for a local newspaper or check online for new home listing websites using Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Check pricing, home locations, community amenities, features offered and options and upgrades. Compare homes you like; if affordability is key, use price per square foot to narrow your choices. If you're looking for certain features, use a checklist and narrow homes down to residences with the most of what you want.

  • Be sure to check the home builder's reputation. It's easy to Google search for builder reviews i.e. XYZ Homes reviews. Keep in mind that home builder's construct hundreds, if not thousands of new homes and there's always going to be unhappy customers. Don't make a decision on reviews alone, see if the builder has one awards, look for old news releases, read their testimonials and look for experience.

  • If you want to buy a house using a real estate agent, do your research on them too. Read their testimonials, see if they have negative reviews online, look into their experience and more important than anything else, talk with them and see how they make you feel.

  • Determine what it costs to purchase home insurance before deciding on a home in a specific location. Some areas may be in flood zones or considered hurricane hot spots. If you buy in one of these areas, your insurance may cost more than expected.

  • If you opt to go at it alone and decide not to use a real estate agent, make sure you get the home inspected and look for valuation tips online. Nothing you do will replace the experience of an agent, but there are great articles available online that will better prepare you to make an investment decision. Even if the residence is brand new, be sure to get the home inspected for any unexpected issues. A professional inspector can spot issues an untrained buyer would overlook and could save you from making a bad purchase.

  • In almost all cases, there will be a final walk-through of the residence to ensure everything is as it should be. If any issues were discovered during the inspection, or if the owner promised to change something before closing, this is when you should ensure everything is in order. Again, if you're going at it alone, look online for a final inspection checklist.
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