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Flexibility When Buying a Home Expands Your Options

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By : Gary Lundholm    99 or more times read
You may be punching in your search into the MLS day after day and coming up with nothing but the same old listings. Don’t despair just yet! There are ways to manipulate the MLS when you are looking for a home with features that you require.

It’s always a smart idea to have a list of what you absolutely must have in a home and a list of what you would really like in a home. It helps narrow down your search, but it also helps expand it to properties that may not be everything you dreamed of, but certainly have everything you need.

Let’s say that you’re looking for a single family home with a minimum of 3 bedrooms and a workshop. You’ve been hunting for a while, but nothing has been falling into your price range. If you want to step up your house hunt, you can consider alternatives to your initial list of requirements.

Did you know that the difference between a bedroom and a den is often as little as a closet? If you can live without a closet or plan to build one, you can look at homes advertised as “two bedrooms and a den”. However, it means that you need to modify your search to “2 or more” bedrooms instead of “3 or more” or you’ll miss out on some viable properties. Check these homes out and see if you can make that “den” work for you as a bedroom.

Looking for an additional structure, such as a workshop? You could consider buying a property with the space to construct a workshop and making your own. There are options where you can add on to your mortgage for property improvements and use the money to build a workshop that is both new and built to meet your needs. The same goes for other structures, such as a garage or garden area.

If you buy a property for less, you have the wherewithal to spend money on improvements. If you crunch the numbers, you may find that having work done on your new home may end up costing you less than buying a property with an included feature.

Think of other ways you can make a property work for you. If you are flexible, you may find homes that are technically not what you are looking for, but that have the layout and amenities that you can work with to produce the home you want.
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