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What's My Credit Score? - Learn 3 Simple Ways to Get a Better Credit Score

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Finding out what a good credit score is all depends on who you ask, and what you plan on using your credit for. When it comes right down to it, having the highest score possible is always the best; and here I am going to show you 3 simple things you can do to get a better credit score.

You credit score is called FICO, it means Fair Isaac Corporation, and is named after the people who invented it, Bill Fair, and Earl Isaac. It basically is used to determine risk factors when giving out credit of some sort.

Now, it's hard to determine what a good score is, but usually, anything below 600 is not exactly good, and generally anything above 720 is pretty great. If you have a score that is around 600 or less it could use some improvement, so here are 3 simple tricks you can use to improve your credit score naturally.

  1. When you make purchases with your credit card, do not pay off the full balance right away, take a couple of months to pay it off. What this does, is it shows that you make payments on your bills, thus decreasing your risk factor, and raising your score. Another thing this does, is it shows the creditors that they can make some money off of you because you carry a balance from month to month, even if it is small. You see, if you paid off your credit card every month before you were charged interest, the credit card company would not make a dime off of you.

  2. Applying for credit lowers your score by a little bit, getting rejected by even more. I have seen a score drop 50 points because they applied and were rejected. Only apply for credit if you know you are going to get approved, never just for the sake of it. And please, don't be conned into applying for a card for those free cheap gifts you get just for filling out an application. Your credit score is more important than a shiny new pen.

  3. Always get an updated report every year, and fix any errors that are on it that might affect your score. Fixing an error has the chance to raise your score, because it was a mistake, your score will usually reflect that after it is fixed.

Doing those 3 things through out the year has great potential to improve your over all credit score, and who knows, you may soon be able to apply for that mortgage, and see yourself living in that new home you wanted, or driving that new car because you were approved for that car loan. The world revolves around having good credit, make sure you keep yours in tip top shape.

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