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Real Estate 101 in Todays Market

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By : Rudy McCormick    99 or more times read
Wisconsin Dells Real Estate is not so different than some of the other markets in the country. Vail, Aspen, Tahoe, and some others. What makes it a bit different is the fact that well over 50% of our property owners are vacationers.

Now that the stock market is showing more volatility than a deer hunting widow after too many Jeager Bombs, and no one is sure who is going to be the president. We have some decisions to make.

First let me plant one seed in your head to remember for later. Why are you in real estate? This answer is no doubt different for most, but since we are approaching the flash point for many firms to go down in flames it has some meaning.

I for one got into >real estate because I have always had interest in homes and how they are built and the great diversity in style they show off. Well at least until they invented the 3/2 ranch.

The point I try to make with this is that if you don't love real estate for what it is,( which is to help people find, and successfully procure or sell, a home ) you should be doing something else. In Wisconsin Dells there are currently around 30 real estate professionals and with our market at around 60 transactions per quarter that is an average of 8 sales per year, hardly enough to make a living. I know each realtor personally and believe that only around 10 of them are worth their salt in terms of the "WHY" and that they truly care about their clients. The rest are pretty much in it because they can't do anything else or they are just in it for the money.

So bottom line is this, DO YOU LOVE REAL ESTATE or should you be doing something else. If you do and you stay you will most likely weather the storm, if not its probably killing you.

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