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What Makes a Professional Realtor?

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By : Jamie Mathwig    99 or more times read
No one thing distinguishes a Realtor ® as “professional”. It is a combination of things that separates the professional from the amateur or the dabbler. However, there are some key points that distinguishes the truly professional Realtor ®.

COMMUNICATION: The professional is prompt with communication. They don’t leave their clients wondering what is going on. They return phone calls and emails. They explain document terms and ensure that their clients know what they are signing. They are never too busy to educate their clients in the ins and outs of real estate.

DRESS: The professional Realtor ® dresses for the occasion. This means professional attire for the type of property. It doesn’t always mean suits and heels, either. If you’re going to be tramping about a ranch property with a client, jeans and boots are professional attire. If you’re going to be showing a posh penthouse suite, obviously a good suit is preferable. Professionals may dress in good quality clothing and have expensive accessories, but they will not be flashy. “Never dress better than your date.”

TIMING: The professional is a little early. They know that life can interfere with the normal workday, so they aim to arrive at appointments between 10 and 15 minutes early. If they are late, they always call and apologize. They respect the clients’ time and that of their colleagues.

COURTESY: The professional does not talk down to people, whether clients or colleagues, well-to-do or just-starting-out. They know that their next “big” client could be referred to them by their “smallest” and know that a good name is worth more than how much real estate they sold in the past year. They are gracious to wait staff, receptionists and the many people who provide small services for them and their clients.

RESPECT: The professional does not push clients to buy homes more expensive than what they have indicated is their top price. They do not use their personal life as an excuse to behave less than professionally. They strive to accommodate their clients’ preferences as long as they don’t interfere with ethical or professional standards.

INFORMATION: The professional is well informed about their chosen areas and their career. They take advantage of classes, seminars and conventions to further their knowledge. They are lifelong learners.

The professional Realtor ® is distinguished wherever they go by their manners, courtesy and information. Are you a professional?
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