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Properties on the Gold Coast

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By : Rob Thompson    99 or more times read
The Gold Coast Australia is an awesome place to live and invest in residential property. We have a lifestyle that many can only dream of, and every day no matter how long I have lived here it still feels like I am on holiday.

We have a wide range of types of properties to suit all tastes and budgets. From multimillion dollar beach and canal front homes, to sub $500,000 properties of which many are situated in excellent locations as well. Properties on the Gold Coast will always be in demand in the future as our wonderful city grows and there is much going on to support further short term rises in real estate prices.

Infrastructure upgrades are underway to ensure our city can cope as it is the fastest growing regional centre in Australia. Our light rail project to link the university to the beachside suburbs is the envy of many cities around the world and work has commenced on a new 750 bed hospital.

Right now there is little competition in the market for well located properties as most investors and homebuyers are waiting for our election outcome. I believe that after the announcement buyers will re-enter the market in droves and there will once again be competition vying for the more desirable real estate.

Many millions of baby boomers from other Australian cities will be retiring over the next decade, and I can see many of them choosing to retire in our Sunshine state near the beaches that they holidayed at throughout their lives. So cashed up baby boomers could also have a huge effect on our property prices in coming years.

There has recently been talk of the government opening up the floodgates to overseas investors so they can purchase second hand dwellings. I am sure that many wealthy foreign investors will then see value in our Gold Coast properties as well.

Combine all the fore mentioned factors and you can see why now, there is what I believe to be a small window of opportunity that many local investors are not yet aware of. The ones who buy well located Properties on the Gold Coast today could very well set themselves up for a very nice windfall of capital growth in coming years.
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