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Fulham Removals Can be Fun

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When it comes to moving using a removals company it is generally a time of stress. It is never really easy to uproot oneself let alone make sure an entire household is packed and ready to move to a new location. The stress comes from the actually packing, the actual moving and then the new life in a new home. It is stressful for everyone including the dog or cat. But whether you live in Westminster or Fulham, removals does not have to be totally stressful.

After you have hired a Fulham removals company you will need to acquire some packing boxes and packing materials. Then make up an invitation list and invite all of your friends to come over one weekend to help you pack and have a party or gathering. You may as well share the fun of packing before Fulham removals comes to perform the actual moving of your household goods.

You can assign one or two people to a room or to packing certain items. With several people the packing up can fly by and be fun too. Crank up your stereo and get to work.

You will need to keep an eye on the packers so that they pack efficiently. If someone is not a very good packer then assign them to hauling items to the packers. This would save time for those actually doing the packing. This is also a way to get rid of anything you do not want to take to the new unit. For fun you could even hold a silent auction on the items you want to get rid of.

You could use several people to weed out any black holes like an attic or basement. Sometimes another person who is not attached to an item may see that it is broken or worthless and will discard it. Just make it a policy that they check with you before they discard it as it may indeed be a treasure to you that you cannot part with.

If you have children set them to packing their own things with someone to supervise them. With several people around this can be delegated to someone other than yourself so you can do other things like supervise the packers. Make sure all of the boxes are labeled. You could have someone who will just tape boxes and label them kind of like an assembly line.

Make sure you have food available or have people bring snacks or finger foods. Make sure you have paper plates and plastic glasses so no one has to wash up after everyone has finished and gone home.

Once everything has been packed you will need to make sure there is room around the piles of boxes so the movers can get to them easily. They do have to maneuver dollies and other pieces of equipment to get your boxes loaded to go out to the truck.

This is an easy way to get packed and it will be less stressful for you.
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